Award Winning 1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Veloce Restoration

This 1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Veloce was the recipient of a multi-award winning restoration in 2009, then later sold in 2013 for a top-of-market record price of $121,000. The no-expense-spared restoration was the result of comprehensive research and consultation with expert Alfisti to renovate the car with extreme accuracy to exactly how it would have looked when delivered brand new, although probably a wee bit nicer. No detail was overlooked, with thousands of hours spent in the overall process to make sure all of the correct finishes and components were used, including recreating the delivery decals from the 48,000 mile specimen. Too good to drive now? For us, not a chance…
As one of my personal favorite cars, it’s about time that I featured a boat tail Alfa here and why not begin with an example of the very best?
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Introduced as a prototype at the 1961 Turin Auto Show, the Series 1 was not introduced to the public until the 1966 model year and sported a 1600 cc engine.
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European versions received two twin carburetors, while US versions had SPICA mechanical fuel injection and were built based on a Giulia 105 chassis with a body designed by the Italian masters at Pininfarina.
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By 1969 Alfa upped the 4 cylinder DOHC engine’s ante to 1779 cc’s and upgraded the suspension, brakes, electrics and wheels and tires while keeping the boat tail’s classic round rear end design, although this would be the last and only year for the larger engine and Series 1 design combo. The only visual differences between it and earlier models were the badging on the tail and placement of door mounted rear view mirror.
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This Apple Green car was even winning awards before it’s restoration, which would beg the question of why restore it had it been refinished to any level under what it was completed to.
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What I would like to know is if it would it be sac-religious to install a frame stiffening kit , Alfaholics Fast Road Suspension kit and other hidden period mods and drive the snot out of it, racking up the (s)miles? After all, it can be restored again, right??? Hopefully that is exactly what has happened to this example.
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Find it at HEREwhile further information was sourced from HERE.

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