Ford Mustang Convertible Shelby Resto Mod From Norway

Other than the pictures attached of this Ford Mustang convertible Shelby resto-mod build by Pony Performance in Norway, we unfortunately don’t have any other information on this featured car. You don’t have to be a Mustang enthusiast to appreciate what is going on here though, with lots of custom fabrication including a side exiting exhaust, a hand made steel hood and independent rear suspension assembly. The shop’s site looks to have been down for a while other than the front page, but regardless of all of the dead ends I felt that we had to feature this car anyways. It’s that good. Sometimes pictures alone can tell a full story themselves. Judge for yourself….


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Slight fender flares to house massive American Racing Shelby replica rims look aggressive, while twin driving lights in the middle of the grill help assist it’s menacing appearance.

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These pictures of it next to a standard Mustang help get the point across of what this bad boy is all about. Big brakes seen through the spokes of the rim indicate that this one was built with the intention of it being able to stop as well as it handles and accelerates.

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If/when we are able to find any further information on the specs of this build, we will be sure to update it here.


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