Restoration of 1963 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight with Low Drag Body

Jaguar announced just yesterday that they will be building 6 brand new 1963 Lightweight E-Type “exact reproductions” utilizing unused chassis numbers that had been laying dormant at the factory (link) for the past 51 years. Therefore, when better than now to feature the mesmerizing restoration story of 1 of those original 12 that was horrifically crashed on track back in 1964 and thought unrepairable but then resurrected some 50 years later? The U.K. based Jaguar marque experts at Classic Motor Cars were the brave souls who took on that very challenge, and as a consolation prize they rolled away with a pair of twins…

This all aluminum 1963 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight is 1 of only 12 built by the factory’s Competition Department, and the only one out of those which was modified by them to Low Drag body specification.
It was specially modified as the most powerful 3.8 engine they had ever built, and just so happens to also be the very last car the Browns Lane, Coventry race department ever ended up making.
The special car was originally created for German Jaguar importer Peter Lindner to race as an unofficial factory entry at LeMans(seen above), but only a few weeks later it was involved in an accident on the Montlhery race circuit in France, killing him and his co driver Peter Nocker in the wreck and mangling the car’s body beyond anything that was considered repairable at the time.
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Since then the mangled body was locked away for many years and what remained of the car was recreated using all of the original’s mechanical components in a spare factory Lightweight tub.
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More recently sometime around 2007, Classic Motor Cars acquired the original crashed body and spent 7,000 hours restoring it to it’s Low Drag specification utilizing amazingly over 90% of the original parts, 5,000 of those hours being spent on the body alone.
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It’s not surprising then that Classic Motor Cars received the honor of “Restoration of the Year” for their work resurrecting the special E Type in an International awards ceremony held in London during the Octane International Historic Motoring Awards. Personally, I would like to have seen it left unpainted as a tribute to the race drivers that perished in the accident, the factory’s original work as well as the craftsmen that rebuilt it but understand that their mindset was set for perfection.
With the help of old photographs and film footage provided by Peter Lindner’s family and also with the assistance of Peter Wilson, who had worked in the Competition Department in 1964, the old race car with a monocoque that was once thought to be impossible to repair was made whole again.
But the story doesn’t end there… the shop then used the left over authentic factory aluminum body shell and other parts from the Low Drag’s previous restoration to create another “sister” car, therefore not putting any part to waste but actually creating an additional car in the process with genuine parts.
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Now, I am left to wonder how Jaguar’s new foray into creating 6 “new” 1963 E Type Lightweights will effect any of the original 12’s values, but in reality we all know that it will only help escalate their values further into the stratosphere. Luckily, there are insanely good replicas built that top critics rave are even better than the originals for us mere mortals.
Additional information on the “sister” car can be found  HERE.
Find the Lightweight’s shop build HERE.
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