1971 Ford Capri Perana Gunston V8 Replica Project

This 1971 Ford Capri Perana Gunston Replica was the 8 year project of a South African man who set out to create an exact tribute to the original “A2” race car built by Basil Green. The South African Ford dealer originally made approximately 560 road cars and 6 race cars powered by Mustang 302 V8 engine swaps, which were the only modified cars other than Carroll Shelby’s that were authorized by Ford Motor Company to be sold at their dealerships while offering full factory warranties. Known as the “GT40 killers”, it’s no wonder that the owner of this vehicle chose a Perana to be the subject of his replica build. Until you actually hear it, you could almost get away with calling it a sleeper…
The correct orange color from the period cigarette sponsor Gunston was applied after the donor car was stripped to the bone and had flares hand crafted to it’s body.
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Custom Halibrands were built to replicate the originals, and the 302 V8 was rebuilt and balanced while a Tremez T5Z 5 speed transmission was chosen to row it through the gears.
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The Hurst shifter and MotoLita steering wheel look tasteful and properly period. In the end, everything was finished to the millimeter in accuracy to the original, and it was voted Project of the Decade on a African Muscle Car forum.
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It was finally completed in July 2010 and has since been driven on track by none other than other than Basil Green himself, who walked away extremely impressed with it. Not surprising, after looking at the pictures and video of it’s build. And best part is, this one is street legal.

The car’s website HERE.


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  1. You have said you used the correct Gunston orange etc. I am building a 1033 ford coupe and want to use the same colours, can you give me the codes??

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