1970 Porsche 914-6 GT Build

42This 1970 Porsche 914-6 GT is the subject of an on-going detailed build/reconstruction/modification thread over at pelicanparts.com by it’s owner, forum memeber”ajserrano”. There is a lot going on in this one, it is almost mind blowing. Possibly the ultimate 914-6 GT build of all time? You be the judge…


The project started almost immediately after he bought the car in 2002. It had 73,000 miles on the odometer, and fiberglass fenders on it which had been previously installed by Vasek Polak in the early 70’s.

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After a short drive following it’s purchase, he brought the 914 to Euro-Tek in Costa Mesa to install factory steel flares and a host of other custom fabricated parts which ends up stretching out over the course of 10 years. The whole build is documented with many detailed pictures and text throughout the 22 page thread, which is linked at the bottom of this page.


“Ajserrano” had been collecting rare factory original Porsche racing parts for decades. His plan for the build was to choose the most notable features of all factory 914-6 GT race cars and incorporate their key features into his car.

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More specifically, his car borrows features hand picked from the Monte Carlo Rally 914-6 GT, the 8 cylinder factory GT prototype, and the Strahle 914-6 GT.


“Charlie Bar” sways were custom made, rear trailing arm spherical bearings installed, and a BEHR front oil cooler are all used in the build, just to name a few of the items.


He even convinced legendary Vasek Polak parts guru, Carl Thompson to sell him one of their very rare license plate frames, and then he restores that too! Awesome.


In an effort to explain his collection of wheels, we have lifted a quote directly from the thread to give you an idea of evil-genius 914-obsessed mind we are dealing with here:
“My goal is to have a set of wheels/tires to mostly use to show or display the car when finished, two other sets mounted with racing rubber and one fourth set for normal street driving. In essence, I’m buying wheels for my tires and the reason why I now have four pairs of 8×15 Fuchs, three pairs of 9×15 Fuchs and the one pair of 9×15 Magnesium Minilites. The Minilites should not be driven on the street, they are Magnesium and can damage easily, will probably be exposed to less danger at the track. BTW, where I live, in California there are way too many potholes on the road these days (due to the poor economy) and most cities don’t have it in their budgets to make the overwhelming and necessary road/bridge repairs (called it deferred maintenance, if you live in California, you know!). It is pathetic, but come drive our streets and you’ll see what I mean (drop a Mag wheel in one of those potholes and you’re done for the day!).” This is obviously somebody who has definitely thought of everything, so you can more than likely be rest assured that all other aspects of the build were given the same attention to detail.

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The thread is filled with literally countless restoration and custom fabrication photos, pictures of vintage factory race 914-6’s, RSR’s, 908’s, 917’s and videos, both related and unrelated to anything in the subject at all.


In the end, he has one of the most uniquely custom fabricated 914-6 GT’s in existence, incorporating key elements from noteworthy period factory Porsche race cars and installed by some of the most well respected specialists in the world.


A must-read for anybody who has any interest in Porsche 914’s, because if you weren’t obsessed already before, then you certainly may be after reading this build . Or possibly better yet, just enjoy the key pictures attached here.

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Link to detailed thread below:

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