1987 Porsche 959 Refresh of a Well-Used Example

This 1987 Porsche 959 arrived at TuneRS Motorsports in Florida straight from Germany after being recently purchased by it’s new owner. He requested it be freshened up mechanically and cosmetically inside and out, top to bottom, and seeing that this is the same shop that built this 1995 993 RS clone, we have no qualms about the quality or ability of their work. The 47k kilometer super car appears to have been well used by it’s previous owner, who looks to have rode it hard and put it away wet, not that there’s anything wrong with that. We’d rather see them having been used as intended than never driven. Back in ’87, these vehicles were technological marvels far ahead of their time with twin turbos, all wheel drive, tire pressure monitoring sensors and slippery futuristic aerodynamic styling allowing a .31 drag coefficient. They were originally produced for Group B homologation purposes before the race series was ultimately canceled for being deemed too dangerous because of too many deaths of both drivers and spectators. While most existing examples of the rare road version models have been pampered and rarely driven, it’s nice to see one that has been properly used throughout the past 27 years. Follow along with us on the next page as we watch this one being refreshed back to like-new condition without the necessity of a full blown restoration tear down…
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The car came in with it’s fair share of cosmetic and mechanical issues, including cracked lights and windshield, leaks, malfunctioning sensors and suspension components, and in need of full servicing and tires.
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The shop got to work with their patented CryoDetail process using pressurized dry ice that fully cleaned the underside of the car before they dismantled the whole suspension.
Parts that were able to be saved were freshly powdercoated or zinc plated, while others that were no longer available from the factory were sourced from all around the globe or reconstructed back into like-new condition once again.
The engine and transmission were then removed and a new clutch kit was ordered while the flywheel was sent out for resurfacing. The following 5 minute video of the shop Cryo-detailing the engine is mesmerizing. Initially I wondered how anyone could watch a cleaning video so long, but then found myself watching every minute of it and also the following Testarossa and Boxer cleaning videos after, as well. It’s well worth a few minutes of any car enthusiast’s time because if you didn’t already realize that you were anally retentive and you are able to watch the entire video, then it can certainly be an interesting learning experience about yourself:

Some of the more hard to find items included finally locating an ABS speed sensor and TPMS sensor since they are now virtually unobtainable new or used, which is all part of the vintage super car ownership experience, of course.
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Fresh modern Bridgestone tires were then installed and the engine and transmission went back in next, reuniting them with an undercarriage that looked factory fresh once again.
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A factory 959 windshield was installed to replace a cracked non factory piece, and Porsche Classic was able to assist with replacement of a new driver’s side headlamp while the shop cleaned up the existing passenger side unit to match.
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Finally, the 959 received a fluid and filter service and then a full detailing before being delivered back to full state side road duty. Hopefully now it’s new owner will be driving it regularly year round, knowing that the crew at TuneRS Motorsports can always perform the same feat again in another 27 years after many more miles have been accumulated. After all, it can always have that concours restoration in another few decades after being fully appreciated in the mean time…
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Find the fully detailed preservation project HERE.
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  1. I’m wondering how safe that CryoDetail dry ice detail is on the components as opposed to other methods of cleaning grime away. Does anybody have any long term experience with it that they care to share?

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