THE TOP 15 POSTS OF 2015: #13- 1985 Mercedes Benz 500 SEC AMG Restoration

1 1If this Mercedes Benz 500 SEC AMG wide body were on the market for sale today, then it’s current owner/restorer would be exactly the kind of guy we would want to buy it from, and this would be the car. As a “pre-merger” AMG enthusiast and expert (the period of time before Daimler Chrysler purchased AMG in 1999 and moved them in-house to Mercedes Benz), Henric shares his 115 page-and-counting build story with us that was originally featured on The project begins with just a skeleton plucked out of an Arizona junk yard and ends with it fully complete back to the custom condition that it was in when first delivered…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 24Already the owner of an ’85 500 SEC, Henric first heard about the possibility that there was an actual factory AMG car in the desert when searching for an AMG muffler for his current car.191 1The car it came off of was found to be an authentic 1983 AMG built car that still had it’s 5.4 liter engine intact and it’s wide fender flares, although some other key ingredients such as the headers had already been plucked from it. Away on vacation without cell phone coverage right in the midst of the eye of the storm as all of this started to materialize, a group of fellow enthusiasts who knew Henric’s passion for these rare vehicles got together and purchased it for him while he was away.
1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUpon his return from his trip some time later, he transported the car back to his home in Los Angeles and surveyed what he had. Turns out the car was truly a basket case, so he and his wife decided to use the opportunity to take their current SEC and recreate it into a wide body AMG using measurements and exact molds taken from the donor car. 26 33 32 14That included reproducing a 13 piece fiberglass fender flare body kit with new valances and rocker panels. To offset the costs of restoration, they would sell extra sets of the now-out-of-production pieces to fellow AMG enthusiasts.

20 55 54It’s original bored, stroked and polished AMG 5.4 liter solid lifter M117 engine was completely rebuilt to concours condition and was put aside until their current 5.0 starts to give up, as it is modified and running strong at the moment.
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Nothing was overlooked in the build, including sourcing a period correct pull out Alpine stereo, wood from Madera Concepts and even going as far as to have a replica of the original “AMG 5.4” badge made utilizing the only one known left to exist in New Zealand. Appropriately, it will be put on the car once that engine is installed.
37 01 37 1 The end finished result looks stunning and bad ass at the same time, with it’s menacing black on black treatment and 315-35/17 inch steamrollers tucked up under the rear fender flares.
100 101 108Although I doubt he will be entertaining thoughts of selling it any time soon, you are still encouraged to visit the site he created, www.Mercedes-AMG-Classic.comwhich shows his finished car and keeps us enthusiasts reminded of a time before 2000 when AMG was just a tuner shop in Germany started by two stray Daimler-Benz engineers back in 1967…
…who went on to build some of the most memorable performance sedans we have ever seen, including the Red Sow and later The Hammer. We thank Henric for letting us share his story and for keeping such an accurate depiction of the original Aufrecht Melcher Grossaspach alive.

Find it’s full build threads HERE and HERE, and be sure not to miss all of the additional attached extra build photos in the right hand column. Further information was found from Source.

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  1. Hi I’m Jean robert you did a very nice work on that car. living in Haiti i’m a Mercedes fan owner of a190e turned into a turbo diesel and a 280se w126 i am restoring i saw a 500sec in the coner of a backyard and i am about to buy but in this country anything is easy. Anyway i will try to do my best .

  2. I have an 84 500 SEC AMG. I am interested in restoring it. I am also interested in purchasing the wide body kit. I may decide to sell it at some point. Please inform me of the cost of the wide body kit.

    Thanks. Ken Scott

  3. hey are you selling the original metal panels ? or even the original shell ?

  4. I purchased a 85 1000 SEL Limousine. It runs good, however it some work. I need to close the sunroof, the cloth roof needs to be replaced, and driver side window does not work. Do you have any idea on where I could get parts and. How ro books.


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