The Rotting Collection on Death Row

Somewhere buried deep in Provence, France sits a collection of roughly 60 or so deteriorating, rotting and dilapidating classic cars, left outside exposed to the elements to wither away. It’s a story that we hear far too frequently but are never able to gather any valid reasons as to how or why this occurs. Their owner, or steward, is ex race car driver Gerard Gombert, which makes it even that much harder to understand how he finds this acceptable as race drivers normally form a man & machine bonding experience. The obviously eccentric man last parked the cars there sometime in the 70’s, and include many gems such as a Gordini R8 and an R12, a Lamborghini Miura engine, an AC Cobra, a BMW 700 Coupe and many others as witnessed in the collection of photos on the following page. One of the many crown jewels is a Renault Alpine A210 that he won his class with at the 1968 Le Mans, still wearing its victory wreath on its roof. But before getting too excited at the magnitude of possibilities that these pictures and story here present I should forewarn that his sacrilegious and soulless last request is that the whole lot of them are crushed upon his death. We can’t imagine an acceptable answer why, we can only hope that there is some form of intervention and amendment before that atrocity can occur, or that his estate lawyer is a fellow gear head and his family will intervene to save them from being destroyed. Tell us that this ain’t true!

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