THE TOP 15 POSTS OF 2015: #10- Two, Yes 2 Lamborghini Countach Barn Finds! Be Warned…

12 (two) Lamborghini Countach barn finds, you say?!? We say, bring them on! Follow along with the story of both of these as information comes up in their currently active thread on For those of you who are not yet registered there, I have included the photos of both cars on the next page, but be forewarned- both have some rather, shall I say, “funky” modifications, so proceed with caution…


The white on white is identified as an ’85 Quatrovalvole with only 2,700 km and the other a rare ’78 low body LP 400S.
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This red example had been modified in period with twin turbos by none other than factory test driver Bob Wallace, who later admitted that butchering them was a bad decision and just made them into virtual ticking time bombs.
The conservative (for Lamborghini and Ferrari owners, that is…) general consensus on the board is thankfully to have their current owner, forum member “geno berns” return them to their original standard former glory. We agree that seems like the only right thing to do considering the earlier car is the 5th of just 23 LP400’s produced that year and was originally metallic black over black, while the later car is said to be a former Monaco Grand Prix pace car (yet to be verified).
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Both cars can be seen above with their scissor doors wide open, as if arms raised to the heavens to say hallelujah to the Italian car lords, we are finally being saved! I imagine an organ playing with a gospel breaking out at about that moment. Neither car has been started in 10 years, we just hope this thread continues with updates of the restorations as they progress. We think the first order of business should be to quickly remove that silly silly looking Supertrapp exhaust and Anniversario body kit from the red one…
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…then of course the airbrushed bull on the wing, pinstriping, Koenig skirts/flares and Anniversario wheels from the white one to finally put an end to their humiliation once and for all, before correcting all of the other interior/exterior atrocities next.
Factory rims need a good refinishing, as well…
After 2 1/2 years of negotiating trying to purchase them, we are sure that in whatever order Geno plans to proceed that this should prove to be an entertaining thread to watch…
See it unfold HERE, and then a Christies auction of another very similar Bob Wallace modified twin turbo example HERE. An interesting profile of that auction sale can be found HERE.

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  1. Interesting that Bob Wallce would say the modifications were a mistake.
    I had the opportunity to meet him and tour his shop while chasing down some elusive Weber parts many years ago.

  2. Here around it happens to find some ferrari lambo de tomaso and so on… from the 60s to the 80s…abandoned and hidden by bankrupted owners. Just buy them for a dime or even for free and resell them out of the official market to foreign collectors, in order to live on gloriously for a few years ;-)) You just need to have the “right” contacts ;-)))

  3. I like tha white lamb can you tell me price

  4. Hi like this white lamb please can you tell me.

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