1969 Pontiac GTO Restoration

This 1969 Pontiac GTO was the subject of a restoration by American Resto Mods in Georgia, brought to them by its owner after it had been sitting in another shop for 8 full years before he finally lost his patience with them and pulled it out of there, and rightfully so. It was literally in pieces when he had it towed in, having been hacked apart and even missing parts from the previous shop’s negligence. Enough was enough already, it was time to set straight once and for all this iconic model which is said to have ignited the beginning of the muscle car wars between all 4 American car manufacturers beginning back in the early to mid 1960’s. As I really don’t get around to featuring enough American cars here from this glorious era or frankly any other, why don’t you come and check this one out with us on the following page while we are on the rare and often far too neglected of a subject…

1 …I came to that realization after seeing a light blue metallic GTO on fat Torque Thrusts rumbling at a stop light on Sunset Boulevard over the past weekend, looking and sounding mean as all hell broken loose in the otherwise quiet suburban town of Pacific Palisades. In a sea of mini vans and Toyota Prius’ (Priui?), that glorious sight and noise was enough to inspire me to search out and find a worthy Goat restoration to feature here today. A little digging later, I knew I had found the right one when I ran across this shop with their 1,294 pictures detailing the renovation on their site, which made me realize I have featured them before with a previous Grand National restoration story. After all, what other shop posts over 1,000 pictures of each of their restorations on their company’s website?
7 8 12 14While Goats weren’t exactly produced in limited numbers with over 72,000 total produced, this particular example landed in its current owner’s hands back when he was in still in high school, along with an even higher performance Judge that he sold because it was not in as road worthy of a condition. He ended up keeping this one for his driver.
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Because the Pontiac Tempest was thought to be over due for a model name change in 1964, some say that John DeLorean stole the GTO nomenclature from Ferrari’s 250 GTO (Gran Touring Omologato) since they had not patented it in North America, then used it for their car and referred to it as the “Grand Tempest Option”.
27 28 29 30Available with 3 different engines, The Judge model with the Ram Air IV had the highest output at 370 hp, and combined with convertible roof option, it was the rarest with only 5 ever produced that year.
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This particular car has the standard 350 hp 400 cubic inch GTO engine, along with 4 speed manual transmission and although we normally stick our noses up at sticker kits denoting a higher model than what it really is, we give this one a pass because of the owner’s previous history with a real one.47 50 49 51Since it was mostly just a cosmetic restoration anyways, maybe sometime in the future he plans on upgrading the rest of the car to match the performance that the stickers suggest. And who really cares if it’s not numbers matching? There are plenty out there who do, but certainly not us if it’s done right. Plus, they actually do look pretty good on the Cortez Silver paint, and it is still a Goat anyways, right?…

57 58 59 60With an overhaul that includes a new roof panel, fenders, quarter panels, trunk lid, glass, carpet and more, we’d say that it ultimately ended up in the right shop, and this time around it took only 1 year instead of 8.
75 74 76 71 77It looks great now, but our only suggestion would be to lose the trim rings on the rims, as real Judges never had them.  🙂72
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