VIDEO: A Jay Leno’s Garage “Restoration Projects in Progress” Update

Jay Leno’s vast knowledge of basically everything car related and seemingly unlimited resources to help fuel his passion makes him an utter treasure to the automotive community. In his latest Jay Leno’s Garage video posted on the following page, he walks us through his vast garage and updates us on the progress of each of his projects. One that we have been wondering about what ever happened to ourselves is the Mercedes Benz 300 SEL 6.3 that he was talking about doing an SLS engine swap with a while back. Understandably, he is now torn about beginning that project since the original 300k + mile motor runs so strong, so he asks viewers to comment on whether he should go ahead with it or not. Other noteworthy subjects include his Lamborghini Espada and an original ’53 Cunningham. Check it out for yourselves…

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  1. I am doing a driver restoration for a friend of mine on a mercedes 300sel 6.3 and I really think on such a nice car, that you have Jay, it should be kept original. Too many people modify cars and ruin the quality of the originality. I am 64 and have been a body fender repair tech. since 1969. I love restoring cars. A few i have restored, lotus 23c, 69 Jag E type, Porsche, 914 bumble bee, Porsche 930 wide body clone, 65 Mustang, several MGBs, and many others. Thanks, Daniel G. Arms.

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