Bruce Thomson Sketches Vintage Cars He’s Considering Purchase Of

Working as a Professor in the Industrial Design Department at Humber College in Toronto, our featured guest today, Bruce Thomson, teaches in the field of automotive design. Like us, the Canadian master draftsman prefers basically everything from the 1960’s and 70’s era as opposed to what’s being produced nowadays, whether the subject matter range from music to automobiles. After having just recently sold his 1971 Mercedes Benz 220, he and his wife Evelyn are currently on the hunt for something vintage to replace it with, and their journey’s trials and tribulations are kept updated on a site dedicated to the process at But rather than simply look at each candidate, test drive it and then mull the decision over as most would, Bruce makes a sketch of every car they go look at while making notations about each of their unique details, a system that certainly helps during the process of elimination. Check out some of these sketches on the following page and be sure to visit his site for the full story on each car…

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