1965 Austin Healey Sprite Build with Turbocharged 1.6L Miata Engine Swap

Ran across this 1965 Austin Healey Sprite build posted on Britishv8.org, using a creative approach to rectify the all too common vintage English car “reliability” issues…it has a turbocharged 1.6 liter Miata engine and 5 speed transmission swapped in place of the standard 1275 cc inline 4. Hey, call it sacrilegious if you want but some of us prefer driving to wrenching all the time. Had to stare at it for a moment to realize what was going on here, as the original front bonnet and fenders have been replaced with a fiberglass “Bugeye” style front end. Digging the British Racing Green, an overall pretty tasteful build that has got to be an absolute hoot to put through the gears. Check out the build photos on the following page and then find a link at the bottom to take you to all of the detailed specs…

Austin Healey Sprite bodyshell

Sprite floorboard rust repair   Sprite floorboard replacement

replaced Sprite floorboards   reinforced Sprite floorboards

Austin Healey Sprite chassis reinforcement   Sprite rust repair

Test Fitting the Engine, and Making Required Body Mods

Mazda Miata engine 1600cc

test fitting the Miata motor

Miata engine installation

Miata headers   motor mount

firewall modification   battery shelf modification

engine compartment mods   firewall changes

electrical center and fuseblock   heater housing

master cylinder brackets   brake master cylinder mounting

transmission tunnel removal   transmission tunnel fabrication

round wheel arch Sprite   round wheel arch conversion

hood and radiator mounting   radiator mounting

bonnet reinforcements   Dzus fasteners on outside of bonnet

Dzus fastener spring mounting

custom dashboard and radio box

custom cargo compartment

custom glovebox   custom map box

Preparing the Modified Body for Painting

front of chassis


seam sealer on firewall

seam sealer on transmission tunnel

round wheel arch Spridget

aftermarket fiberglass bugeye sprite hood

stainless steel mesh grille   Sprite mesh grille

paint masking   painting stripes

paint booth

custom car badge   Mite badge

Front Suspension and Brakes

custom front suspension

A-arm welding fixture

upper control arm

lower control arm

double wishbone front suspension

telescoping shock absorber   kingpin

vented brake rotor

brake caliper   big brake kit for Sprite

Rear Suspension and Brakes

Mazda RX-7 rear axle

Panhard rod chassis mount

Panhard rod

Wilwood brake calipers

wire wheel axle splines   brake adapter fitting

bump stop and tube shock absorber

prototype anti-tramp bars   adjustable anti-tramp bars

Wilwood 3 master cylinder system

Wilwood pedals   Sprite pedal box

Mazda Miata 1.6 liter with turbocharger

Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator

air filter

turbo manifold


intake manifold

throttle cable and fuel pressure regulator

fanbelt and alternator

Mazda Miata five speed transmission

custom Sprite dashboard

custom Sprite instrument panel

bugeye sprite

frogeye sprite

the mite

Bob Chartier's Sprite

Find it in detail HERE.

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  1. This is amazing! How is it to drive?

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