Lamborghini Countach S Rosso/Rosso Bare Metal Repaint

Over at, member “sp1der” left his Rosso/Rosso Lamborghini Countach LP5000S in the hands of the experts at U.K. based Alsa Automotive for a bare metal repaint, as well as for removal of it’s rear wing and ariel antennae. Anything that mentions a Lamborghini Countach and our ears immediately perk up here at CarBuildIndex. We love Marcello Gandini’s exotic wedge car design, which just seems to get better with age.



The thread is filled with great pictures of the raging bull in it’s bare Bertone skin.


The first picture of it with the rear quarter accident damage popped up early in the thread when a forum member recognized the car. It’s a small world out there with these vintage exotics, especially when it’s a red/red Countach, for crying out loud.


Al and Sarah at Alsa Automotive are known for their show quality paint jobs with attention given to perfect panel gaps which are far better than the factory tolerances ever were.


This is a windshield and all-other glass-out job, with each step of the process’s pictures sent to “sp1der” from the shop, then attached to the thread for all of us to see too.
The paint removal is an arduous process that we would not want to take on ourselves, especially since the car was stripped manually without help from any chemicals.
Work was expected to take 12 weeks, and forum members estimated the cost of a similar job costing between $20,000 and $40,000, depending on how close to a Pebble Beach type job one desires, as well as how much preparation and bodywork is needed in each particular case.


It appears that Countach’s are known for all having their aluminum bodies crack in the same place over time. A repair to keep this from happening again is shown, which is to weld a 3X3 ‘L’ shaped piece of aluminum from underneath, around the corners of the radiators to enforce the metal there. It is believed more likely to be from people leaning over the car than from anything else.


A few not-so-quality repairs were found to be done on this Countach prior to “sp1der’s” stewardship. Although it is believed that a small amount of filler was used at the factory to get the lines correct, that does not explain the welded in body panels. Obviously it was done previously by a shop that did not know how to properly repair an alloy body.



The interior was removed, and an fchat member shared his template for it’s correct perforated door sill pattern. The side sills were then re-trimmed with the correct speaker perforations covering some new Alpine speakers. Apparently a previous owner had installed speakers over these perforations in the past, so new leather was put in this time.



The huge door NACA ducts were re-constructed back to their original crisp edge design using templates provided by another fchat member. It’s amazing what a paint job covers. Starting with the first few pictures after the crash damage photo, the car actually looks fairly decent to begin with. Up close shots reveal a lot of imperfections, and even more were found once the paint was removed.


Unfortunately, as this post goes on it looks to be getting worse and worse. In reality it is just getting better with future plans including engine, suspension and brake rebuilds too. It is great to see these cars getting repaired properly and put back on the road. Watch the final countdown to this Countach’s new paint job here at:

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