1963 Mercedes Benz W112 Heckflosse (Fintail) 300SE Restoration In-Progress

This 1963 Mercedes Benz W112 Heckflosse (Fintail) 300SE is the subject of a ground up restoration thread which can be seen on mbca.org posted by it’s owner, Andrew Atwood (“trekkie1666”). He had owned a 1963 W111 220 SEB previously back in the 1980’s while living in Australia which had gotten stolen, and he was heartbroken because it was his first car and his absolute pride and joy. The restoration process of this recent acquisition brings back fond memories of his youth, which is usually the main reason why most of us choose to do a project such as this, in order to relive a more care free, youthful past period in our lives. But, of course, with a much larger and more powerful engine this time around.


The plan was to restore this W112 in it’s original colors and spec, which were Light Grey (DB158) with a Green cloth interior (003/1), with the optional Becker Mexico radio (code 51/1). To start, he completely stripped the interior and dashboard out of it, got it down to it’s bare shell and then sent it off to media blasting.


Upon inspection of the car once fully parted, it was evident that new air bags were needed even though they had been replaced recently (a common and expensive problem). He then found a local guy to him in Phoenix who was willing to strip and refinish all of the aluminum for under $350, and another guy to remove all the dents and polish it for under $800.



All of the wood is currently being refinished by Heritage for around $1500 – $2000, and then the bargain deal parts finds really started flowing in when a friend back in Australia found him a set of NOS euro headlights for only $220.


There is a gap of a few years between posts, but apparently the work had never stopped. Most recently, the left rear quarter and rear panels were replaced, and the decision for a power train was finally decided after much trepidation. He had always wanted a V8 stuffed into the 220 back when he was a youth living in Australia, but he doesn’t want the problems that can arise from an old “M100” 600 SEL 6.3 liter V8 engine, so he settled on a Euro M117 5.6 liter along with a Euro 500 SEL transmission for it’s better ratios.



The plan is to make it look and sound like a vintage M100 with a custom made manifold. We are big fans of engine swaps, especially when they are total sleepers, such as this car’s build.


It’s always nice to be able to go back and restore a car you enjoyed so much as a youth, and be able to upgrade it with a bigger engine this time around. That is what being a car guy is all about. Although far from finished, this particular owner’s passionate story and quality restoration execution were reason enough for us to have included it here for all of our viewers to enjoy, as well.


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  1. How can restore w 111 fintail taillights

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