Ford “FOCOS”: AWD Focus‏ RS Cosworth Build

This Ford Focus is the subject of a build thread on by it’s owner/builder, forum member “TurboGuido” of Ellmer Autosport in Germany. They took a standard issue, bare spec, absolutely stripped out base model Ford Focus and merged it with a modified, bad to the bone AWD Cosworth Sierra sedan, blending the two to create the 529 horsepower engine’d,  Ford “FOCOS” that you see before you. Even the name has been modified. We like it already. This creation clicks all of the right boxes for us. Let’s see, what do we have here: Engine swap. Check. Mod thread. Check. Drive train swap. Check. White car with roll cage and Compomotive rims. Check. Check. Sleeper. Well, let’s just move right on, shall we?


To begin with, everything was stripped out of the Focus, leaving just a body to combine the Sierra’s AWD drive train and the turbo Cossie engine. Focus RS wheel arches, H&R coil overs and AP Racing 378 mm, 6 Piston front and 330 mm, 4 piston rear brakes were just some of the quality parts named in the impressive ground up project, and a full specs list is attached below, after the featured link.


Overall, the build is very tastefully executed, looking like something that could have come straight out of Ford Motorsport Racing’s division. What’s possibly most impressive is that once it was finally completed, it remained road legal and street registered, which is something that wouldn’t be nearly as likely for us here in California.


After driving it around for some time, the decision was made to tone it down a bit to make it a bit more civilized for daily driving. It turns out that between banging his head on the roll cage and his leg falling asleep in the race seat, it was time to re-think some of the race part decisions and gear it towards a little more comfort. So, in went the full interior swap of a Focus RS (Interior swap: Check), including air conditioning and airbags, making it a lot safer and quieter for his wife and son to enjoy, as well.


The problem with projects is, well, that they are projects, which means they are never finished and in a constant form of development. If that really is a “problem”, after all…


The final destiny for this particular build was dismantling the whole car and selling everything, with another AWD Focus RS Cosworth build in the works, but this time around with a completely standard spec exterior for the ultimate sleeper look. We hope to feature that build as soon as it is posted. At that point we will finally be able to say: Sleeper? Check!
Until then, find the “FOCOS” thread here at:×4-ellmer-autosport-update-18-01-08-a.html

Tech Specs:


Harvey Gibbs Build 2000 c.c. DOHC 4 cylinder 16 V :new Cosworth cast Iron Block Cosworth 7.2:1 pistons : Group’A’ Big-end bolts : Long Studded : High pressure oil pump : 4×4 big Wing Sump, Gas flowed & ported Head by Nick Waples : Uprated valve springs : Bronze valve guides : WRC 4 Layer Head gasket Harvey Gibbs profile cams : 8 x 803 (dark green) injectors : 3 Bar Mapsensor Weber-Marelli Fuel Injection with Super P8 Pectel Management : :Swirl Pot: 3 Fuelpumps with Catchtank: RS500-Throttle body : Custom Inlet Manifold : Ford Motorsport Leads : distributorless Ingnition System : WRC Siamese (side by side) 8-Injector Manifold : AGP 071 Plugs
GT030 Turbo-charger : External Tial Wastegate : pro Alloy Turbo Pre-Radiator : SPAL Cooling Fans : Pectel 12 Stage Boost Controll: K+N Induction kit : Pro Alloy Inercooler Big Version : pro Alloy Large Capacity Radiator : Pro Alloy High Pressure Header Tank : Samco Hoses : Pro Alloy Breather System : Tubular exhaust manifold: Mongoose Stainless Steel Exhaust :Specially programmed Ahmed Bayoo ISS (Inercooler Spray System) : Oil-Cooler : Chip live mapped on engine dyno

MAX Power: 529 BHP @ 354.9 lb.ftC + 26 PSI @ 7510 rpm
MAX Tourqe: 379 lb.ft @ 7010 rpm 527,9 BHP


4WD Straight Cut Reyland Super Strong Gearbox with Uprated Mainshaft an 1st Gear , Hydraulic Clutch Conversion : AP Racing 6 Paddle Sinter Clutch : Rear: 2WD 7,5” Diff with 2WD Propshafts Quaife ATB Diff 3,9 CPW,
Front: Quaiffe Thickwall Case with Quaiffe ATB Diff,steel strength Plate XR4i uprated front Propshafts CAE Race Quick Shift System


Front: AP Racing 380mm discs/6pot calipers
Rear: AP Racing 330mm discs/4pot calipers
Hydraukic Handbrake with AP adjustable rear Brake Balancing


H&R Unibal adjustable coilovers front and rear
Adjustable TCA´s, Aloy Exentric Top Mounts
Zoo Motorsport full adjustable Rear Beam Strapped Version


Compomotive CTX 8×18 ET 20
Front : Federal RS 595 Semislick 225-40-18
Rear : Federal RS 595 Semislick 245-35-18


Cobra Evolution Seats
Stack Dash
Defi Gauges for Exhaust Temp, Fuelpress, Boost
Pectel Monitor System
Sparco 35mm Steering Wheel with Quick release
Wolf Alloy Pedals
12 Stage Boost Controll
Carbon Tunel Liner
Carbon Interieur
80LTr ATL Race fuel Tank
Wichers Rollcage
Heating System from Mini


Smoked rear lights and Brake Light
RHD rearlight
Black Indicators
WRC Rear Wing
Bonrath one wiper System
Sierra 4×4 Bonnet Vents
Carbon Front Splitter
Carbon Foglight Surrounds
Self made Carbon Difusor

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