1988 Lancia Delta Integrale Restoration/Modification

This 1988 Lancia Delta 8V Integrale Evolution is the subject of a street legal/track day/race car project on Pistonheads.com, by it’s owner, forum member”dwrights”. The story is that he already had an animal Evo 2 Delta Integrale 16 valve complete with 360 bhp, Alcon brakes and a trick suspension which he was planning on modifying for more power. His goal was to install a full roll cage and turn it into an all out track car…until he saw the 1988 Integrale 8v rally shell propped up on jack stands lurking in the corner of his friend’s shop. Who could blame him for having his imagination go wild? There is just something about seeing a race car shell with a roll cage criss-crossing through it that speaks to all of us car guys. Especially considering that he had been recently quoted  £10k plus VAT from a custom fabricator to build a similar cage in his current Integrale. The decision to sell his car and start a new build was a no-brainer. He put his street car back to stock, sold it and transferred his forged engine, Alcon brakes, RSR suspension, and associated trick hardware over to the Rally shell build. They agreed on an estimated build time, and the transformation began…

The shell had already been heavily strengthened and modified by the Lancia factory for competition use, which made it a great base with which to start the project. A bit of history searching found that the car is thought to have been rallied in Sealink colors from 1988 to 1994 in right hand drive configuration, although the owner decided that he wanted it changed to LHD.
In the shop, the car’s doors and fenders were hung on it’s body to make sure that the frame was straight, and panel gaps were all found to be good. The Evo suspension parts were blasted and powder coated, then reassembled with new SKF hub bears and a new Walkers tubular differential carrier, along with their Group A spec transverse arms. Front suspension arms with both spherical bearing mounts and polyurethane bushings and a Group A rear sway bar with rose joints were then installed.
A light weight steel flywheel from Allitalia was purchased to replace his Findanza aluminum flywheel  in order to handle the extra horsepower planned, and was also chosen because it is more driver friendly than a Tilton twin place race clutch. The dash was made to replicate a Group A car with exception that it now has a modern Motec Sport Dash Logger instead of the more vintage, but period correct Magneti Marelli.
After the Delta was finished in body shop work, it’s rebuilt motor was re installed, everything was tidied up and sorted and it was made road legal by passing the MOT test.
The final engine specifications for this Lancia 16 valve 2.0 liter Twin Cam include a Motec M800 ECU, a Garrett GT35 Turbo, a Tial blow off valve and Ferrari throttle bodies with twin injectors. A lot of work went into making the throttle bodies fit to the engine at the correct angle, evidenced in the attached photos.
Three engine maps were used which can be accessed via a rotary switch installed in the dash. With powertrain loss calculated at 24%, the horsepower and torque numbers are as follows:
Map 1 is base boost at 1.0 Bar – 409 bhp/390 ft/lbs.
Map 2 is 1.6 Bar – 529 bhp/455 ft/lbs.
Map 3 is 2.0 Bar – 570 bhp/501 ft/lbs.
Not bad for a car weighing in at only 2,733 pounds.
Lancia Delta Integrales hold a special place in the hearts of most all car guys, with their boxed flairs and rally car competition history. What’s most impressive in this custom build is that if they decide they want to rally it, all that they need to do is change the struts and fit a navigation computer. Doubtful the original race car was so versatile with it’s modifications for different race series, especially considering that this one remains road legal in the U.K.
We appreciate it’s Martini livery, but to be honest much prefer it in it’s clean, all-white sleeper look.
In any case, it is good to see this one hit the streets and track once again, after it’s long hibernation since 1994.
Find the full thread HERE.

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