1985 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Restoration

This 1985 Alfa Romeo GTV6 was the recipient of a full restoration by Alex Jupe Motorsport in the UK, complete with modifications for road and track duty. This particular tale started when Mr. Jupe’s close friend of the previous 16 years finally decided that it was time to let his Alfa Romeo specialist buddy do what he does best and build him a screaming GTV. As avid vintage Italian car enthusiasts ourselves, we have no idea how he could have let that connection go stagnant for so long without taking advantage of their friendship earlier. In any case, the levy finally broke when a perfect Alfa donor candidate was found in 2007 and purchased with only 60k original miles after sitting in dry storage since it’s engine blew in 1989.


Although it had only been driven for 4 years, this is still vintage Italian car we are talking about here, which means that rust was found in all of the all of usual places, as expected.
The car was taken to his shop and then stripped to it’s shell, it’s rust was repaired and treated with POR15, and the body was repainted in it’s original colors.
While the car was disassembled, a 3.0 V6 engine from an Alfa 75 with only 40k miles was sourced, which they mated to a 75 T/S gearbox with a short shifter. The build started to come together nicely, with an LSD and power steering fitted. The engine received a top end rebuild with ported heads and it was photographed and used to support a feature written on the Alfa V6 in the June 2009 edition of Classic Cars.
It’s suspension was up next, with all of it’s pieces shot blasted and powder coated, then fit with new bushings and ball joints. To help haul down all of it’s new found power, Brembo 4 pot calipers with 305mm discs were installed and an RS Racing coil over suspension kit was fitted to keep the car flat on the twisty country roads and race tracks.
After spending the previous 21 years sitting static, it was time for this GTV6 to be put back on the road. The vision of this build was to create a “better than new” GTV6 with 3.0 engine and handling mods, a goal which was accomplished successfully.
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  1. Living in the southwest it’s always amazing to see how bad cars can really corrode.
    The underside looks amazing in the after photos

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