1974 BMW 2002 Factory Turbo Restoration

This 1974 BMW 2002 Turbo was the subject of a nut and bolt restoration thread by it’s owner, Alvin Tan, who goes by “atan888” on s14.net. In the thread, he also shows the start of his equally as impressive restoration project of an E9 3.0 CSi/CSL build too, which we will feature in a future story, as well. Both are renovated to better-than-new condition by it’s obsessive owner, which is just the kind of guy we like here. After all, if it weren’t for these compulsive types, what fun would the car world be? There would be no concours d’ elegances, no vintage racing, and certainly no CarBuildIndex.com. So, we solute those of you who have the same issue with the pursuit for perfection, and urge all of those who are inflicted to never seek any type of professional consultation, no matter how selfish that may sound of us. We don’t care. Carry on as you were, please.
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BMW never officially imported the 2002 Turbo into the United States, and this particular example was originally purchased in Italy. Only 1672 examples of this rare car were ever produced, all of which were all offered painted either Chamonix White or Polaris Silver. With 170 hp pumping out from it’s turbocharged 2 liter 4 cylinder engine, power comes on very suddenly at 4000 rpm. Those who drive them find out fairly quickly about the importance of keeping their revs high, as turbo lag occurs anywhere under that number on the tach.
As a stern warning to drivers ahead on the highway in front of them, “2002 Turbo” is scripted on their front air dams in reverse so that when they are seen in the other motorist’s review mirrors, they can see that it is a 2002 Turbo that is charging upon them and move aside, accordingly.
The restoration of this featured car is an over-the-top, better-than-new re build, as admitted by it’s obsessed owner. Casey Motorsports in Petaluma, California can be given credit for it, with everything rebuilt and/or refinished, down to the last bolt.
Final estimates at the restoration alone were tallied up at approximately $70,000, without taking into consideration the cost of the car itself. With a specs lists as thorough as the one “atan888” has included below, we are impressed that he actually drives it regularly. As he should. We congratulate him for a tasteful renovation and the fact that he isn’t afraid to use it. After all, what are these cars for?
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Below is a list of items replaced with all new original BMW parts:
All chrome pieces trims , trapezoid mirror, door handle and locks
All lights including NOS italian turn lights
All rubber
All clips, pins and screws
All gaskets
All factory decals
Front and rear spoiler
All factory badges
Grilles and kidney
All hardware such as hood latch , door strikers , trunk latch and pins are new
All new original NOS door panels
2 original Scheelmann front seats are NOS.
New headliner
New locks
Completely rebuilt with all new factory original parts
NOS original KKK turbo
NOS injector pump
New manifold
All new original hoses and clamps
All new factory fuel lines
New old stock 18 gallon fuel tank
New OEM turbo exhaust system
All new Bilstein sports
All new H&R springs powdercoated to black
All new H&R sways ” ”
All new steel braided brake lines
All new Hawk pad
New 5spd dogleg CR tranny
Rebuilt LSD
Rebalanced shaft
New Factory Control arms
New Bushings (Urethane)
Newly restored 15×7 and 15×8 BBS RS wheels
Restored Items:
All nuts and bolts under are all zinc washed and cad plated
Everything under was powder coated including the valve cover and runners
Rear bumper was re chromed
Original red gauge pad was restored with the correct color
Original carpet (1 pcs) was cleaned
Original trunk carpet was cleaned
Entire Shell was hand stripped to bare metal (frame off) and was etched primered and painted all with Standox paint
All seems are sealed with Wurth seem sealer
Rebuilt brakes (Cadplated)
Original Items Kept:
Spare wheel with original Michelin VXTX
Dash was in perfect shape
Rear seat was perfect
Steering wheel was perfect
E-brake was perfect
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  3. Great job, Im in the process of completely rebuilding my 1974 2002 Turbo. Great to see some underneath pictures as Im unsure how they are painted under car, and being in New Zealand, none around to compare to,
    Thanks Peter,

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