1959 Maserati 3500GT

This 1959 Maserati 3500 GT is the subject of a sympathetic restoration on ferrarichat.com by member “mfletch”.
Back when he was only 17, “mfletch” talked his brother into buying the Maserati out of a local paper for only $3,500. That was over 30 years ago and ever since then it sat in his garage with a bad transmission. Not too long ago he pulled the car out of his brother’s garage with the intention of gracing it with a sympathetic restoration. He wanted to keep enough of the car’s original paint and interior for it to remain to be considered a “survivor”, with plans to refresh it’s mechanicals to safe operating condition, as well.


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When he asked forum members their opinion of what he should do with it, they urged him to keep as much original as possible . The car wasn’t perfect, but it’s patina showed a lot of character.



As you read through the 37 page thread, you follow along in his logic and thought process in every decision he makes that ultimately transformed his original car into a show car. Every time a choice comes up to restore or leave original, the decision is agonized and then reasoned through to a point that even a “survivor” die-hard can sympathize with his final decisions. The Maserati ended up needing a lot more than was originally anticipated, which is usually the case with these projects.


The support system and knowledge base at ferrarichat.com is astounding. Every detail of the car’s build and every question he had was answered by experts from around the world at just a keyboard click away. Try That 30 years ago! The thread gets interesting when the California resident finds his car posted for sale on two different UK websites. Needless to say, it was not him selling. Unfortunately, there are a lot of crooks out there on the internet, you really gotta do your due diligence.



At the end of the day, much of this Maserati 3500GT was restored by mfletch and his teenage son, and it turned out looking gorgeous.


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Final pictures of it are from it’s appearance on the lawn at the Niello Concours in El Dorado Hills, California.



Not bad for a car which sat for 30 years in a garage. Great story and also an inspiration to get them back on the road!

Find the full thread at: http://www.ferrarichat.com/forum/maserati/227872-3500gt-barnfind.html


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