Abandoned Factory

Abandoned Bugatti Factory (Updated with Video)

September 30, 2014 in Abandoned Factory / Build In Progress / Factory Photos / Factory Tour / Italian

I just ran across a relevant video to update this past feature story with. Titled “The Return of the Forgotten Supercar”, it gives an inside look at the factory when in full swing and can be found on the following page at the bottom. Enjoy.


There is always something eerie about seeing a factory that has been abandoned, with everything left exactly where it was last placed years ago when the workers walked out the door never to return again. This particular factory happens to be none other than the Bugatti Automobili Spa in Campogalliano, Italy which produced the EB11o from 1992 to 1995. Only about 80 vehicles were produced during that time, each having a retail price of $349,000.  Some quick math calculations explains how they got in the hole for more than $22 million before VW bought Bugatti and moved their production back near their former headquarters in Chateau St. Jean, France.

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