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1968 Plymouth Hemi Road Runner Restoration

April 23, 2014 in American / Engine Swap / Race Car / Restoration / Restoration Shop recently profiled this ’68 Plymouth 426 Hemi Road Runner that was restored by Supercar Specialties in Portland, Michigan. It was an absolute mess when it showed up at the shop with rust everywhere and even cobwebs in the engine cylinders, but when it was finished it was sporting a 712 hp Ray Barton Racing built engine that was further tuned enabling it to turn the quarter in 10.92 at 126.92 mph. We dig the factory look of the finished restoration, which is now a show car but absolutely not a trailer queen by any stretch of the imagination. Check out the attached pictures of it’s transformation on the next page and then find a link to the full story following after.
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Concept Cars From 1970

April 20, 2014 in American / English / French / General Discussion / German / Italian / Japanese

We tend not to pay too much attention to concept cars because if/when they make it into production we know that the resemblance to their original show car features will be vague, at best. Wheels end up sitting further inside the wheel wells, paint is not nearly as nice and interiors and trim are made out of cheaper materials once they hit production, if they ever actually do. Nevertheless, we took a few minutes out of our normal schedule to put together as many pictures of concept cars from 1970 as we could find in a reasonable amount of time and have shared them on the following page. Scrolling over the pictures will reveal the manufacturer and model type on the bottom left of your screen, if they are not blatantly obvious from first sight. Enjoy…

Video: eGarage Takes an Inside Look at ICON

April 19, 2014 in American / Factory Tour / Replica/Tribute Build / Restoration Shop / Sleeper / Video

The good folks at eGarage take an inside look at Chatsworth, California based ICON and gets the whole low down during their interview with it’s owner and creator, Jonathan Ward. Definitely an interesting and worthy way to spend 4 1/2 minutes of your time, if for no other reason than for motivation of finishing that project in the garage. Enjoy:

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Restoration of First Avanti Ever Produced

April 16, 2014 in American / Build In Progress / Featured / Restoration

This 1961 Avanti is the very first one ever made (#1001) and is now the subject of a much needed restoration. The whacky metallic flake green vehicle, still containing it’s original engine and seats, was donated along with another one to the LeMay Car Museum in 2001, both in very poor condition. It’s restoration back to it’s original glory started in 2011 and is currently well on it’s way to completion. Get up to date on it’s story on the following page and then follow it’s progress in the link provided after. You don’t have to be an avid Avanti enthusiast to appreciate this one’s success story…

Ford F-150 “Raptor” 2WD Build

April 16, 2014 in American / Featured / Home Garage Build / Modification Thread

Over at, an active thread by forum member “sodrty” has been chronicling the build of his 2wd Ford “Raptor” project. His day/night job is working with All American Racing and their radical Delta Wing Le Mans car.  With all of the unbelievably impressive custom machining and fabricating that has gone into this build, we can safely assume that he has a active key role within the race team.

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U.K. Auction Tomorrow April 12th Featuring All Restoration Candidates

April 11, 2014 in American / Barn Find / English / French / General Discussion / German / Home Garage Build / Italian / Japanese / Restoration / Restoration Shop / Survivor / Sympathetic Restoration

Looking for a project car to keep you busy restoring over the next decade and financially bankrupt you? Then look no further than Silverstone Auctions, who have dedicated their catalog to the sale of cars in need of desperate repair. The Restoration Show Sale is tomorrow, April 12th in the U.K., more specifically Warwickshire. We have teased with a few examples of what you can find on the following page. The truly brave can venture deeper in the link provided after and if one of our readers ends up taking on one of these projects, be sure to share it’s development with us here. After all, it’s always nice to make new friends when an imminent divorce is lurking ahead closer than you may now think…

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Evel Knievel’s Custom 1975 Mack Truck and Tow Rig

February 13, 2014 in American / Build In Progress / Video

Here we have the beginning stages to the restoration of Evel Knievel’s custom 1975 Mack FS700 truck and adjoining 1966 custom trailer. The project looks to have been given some publicity starting around 2 years ago, but apparently aside from getting it into running order there isn’t any other public evidence of any further progress with it. Regardless, we felt that this important piece of Americana was too good to pass up featuring here because what kid growing up during the 70’s didn’t have at least one form of the stuntman’s action figures to play with? Whether it be a stars and stripes caped figurine of the dare devil himself or a toy version of the motorcycle that he used to practically obliterate himself with to smithereens so many countless times, his relentless self promotion ended up in our homes across the country throughout so many of our formative years. Continue with us on the following page for a backstage look at this extremely over sized piece of U.S. novelty history…

Survivor Sunday: 1961 Chevrolet Apache 10 4X4

February 9, 2014 in American / Survivor / Sympathetic Restoration

This 1961 Chevrolet Apache 10 4X4 recently appeared on eBay before being picked up as a feature by shortly thereafter. After seeing it ourselves, we thought that it would make the perfect candidate to gawk over as the subject of our Survivor Sunday. While we normally do not post cars or trucks that are currently for sale, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share this classic, all original step side truck.

CLASSIC FILM: “No Man’s Land”

February 7, 2014 in American / German / Video reminded us today of one of our own favorite car related films by featuring a story about No Man’s Land, starring Charlie Sheen. Every generation has their own automotive cult type film that they can relate to, from American Graffiti to Le Mans to The Fast and the Furious franchise movies, but it is this iconic 1987 action crime movie about stealing and chopping 911’s that stirred our very own Porsche blood type at the time. Sure, there’s a love story entwined in there somewhere, we think, as well as a lesson to be learned about the unfortunate ramifications of grand theft auto, but for us it was this Los Angeles based film that had us day dreaming about piecing together our very own 935 slant nose from various “other” cars for late Mulholland Drive canyon runs during the wee hours of the night. We hope that you will enjoy the movie just as much as we did, too…

Part 3: Shin Yoshikawa’s Cutaway Drawings and Book

February 5, 2014 in American / Cutaway Drawings / Cutaway Pictures / English / French / German / Italian / Japanese / Race Car

As promised from this last weekend’s previous 2 part profile of Shin Yoshikawa and Studio Time Capsule, we now bring to you his incredibly talented cutaway drawings on the following page, along with details on how to order your own prints, too. Information on his book about the Toyota 2000GT, which he is an expert of, is included as well. After looking at his amazing sketches, it appears that he is an expert in far more than just that one model of car. We are on a Shin high at the moment ourselves, and plan on ordering one of each of his limited edition t-shirts before they run out. Find examples of his intricately detailed artwork on the following page…

1960 Documentary Film: “Corvette Presents Les 24 Heures Du Mans”

February 3, 2014 in American / French / Race Car / Video recently brought back into focus a vintage documentary that we had never seen before. The following 1960 film by General Motors titled, “Corvette Presents Les 24 Heures Du Mans” is an entertaining piece about the American sports car that was written off by fellow opponents as uncompetitive before the race even began. Apparently, the Corvette was not thought to have been nimble or robust enough to endure the challenging French course for the long endurance race, although the skeptics certainly got a surprise that year. GM was not affiliated with sponsorship of any of the teams in 1960, but they put together the epic film to celebrate Briggs Cunningham’s 1st in class behind the wheel of a car that was originally thought to have been too heavy for any chance of a podium finish, much less finish the race at all. We always like a good classic under dog story, especially when told in-period, and hope that you do too. Enjoy.

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Vintage Automotive Sales Literature and Brochure Photos

January 13, 2014 in American / English / Factory Photos / French / General Discussion / German / Italian / Japanese / Swedish

It’s always entertaining to take a look back at the way things used to be done in the automotive business with a gander at yesteryear’s sales literature and brochure photos. Although we still have magazine advertising and car brochures today, we don’t rely on them any longer for a definitive source of information since the invent of the internet, of course. The question really is, how much longer will these ancient relics continue being printed? Even when they are all finally extinct, we will still have the internet to view them on…

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Hagerty’s “Hot List” of Future Collectible 2014 MY Cars

January 9, 2014 in American / German / Italian / Japanese

Each new year, Hagerty Classic Car Insurance comes out with a new top ten “Hot List” of new cars that they predict will become collectibles in the next 25 years. Their only requirements for qualification are that the chosen cars must be priced at under $100,000 and be from our current model year. In addition, special consideration was given to newly launched vehicles that have not appeared in any of their previous year’s lists. While we may not particularly agree on all of their decisions, we do not find modern cars very inspiring, in general, so perhaps we aren’t the ones to ask. But we will say that the Alfa Romeo 4C is the absolute stand out winner in our books, which we are still anxiously awaiting of it’s arrival.
Find their list on the following page…

Holiday Gift Idea: Murray Pedal Car Restoration Project

December 20, 2013 in American / Barn Find / Home Garage Build / Race Car / Sleeper

This vintage Murray pedal car was the subject of a restoration on by forum member “54FordPanel”. Just in time for the holidays, we came across this antique toy car which got us thinking about what a fantastic first restoration project something similar would be for a parent/child team. After all, today’s low quality, plastic molded pedal cars inspire no imagination and make obscene amounts of noise with their plastic wheels and tires. And talk about crash worthiness, nothing can stand up to the unavoidable impacts that your child’s first car will inevitably take head on like old American iron. Well, now is your chance to get the new year kicked off in style for you and your kid. Continue with us on the next page and follow one man’s restoration journey of his childhood toy car that was probably the spark that had originally ignited his automotive passion for a lifetime ahead…

FILM: Ingenuity In Action

November 25, 2013 in American / Build In Progress / Home Garage Build / Race Car / Video

If you have 27 minutes to spare, we highly recommend that you watch Ingenuity In Action, produced in 1959 by Hot Rod Magazine about a team who prepares a car and races it at NHRA Nationals. It is oh so very Leave it to Beaver, had Wally been a drag racer. Better yet, get Beaver behind the wheel as he is lighter and let Wally wrench. Grab your popcorn and make sure you have extra melted butter, and then after the film be sure to go to the drive-in for a bite or the local drug store for a malt.


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