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March 84C IndyCar Strip Down Re-Build

July 21, 2016 in American / Race Car / Restoration Shop

This March 84C IndyCar was the subject of a restoration back to it’s original configuration by AR Racewerks in Scottsdale, Arizona. Andrew Riggs opened the doors to this fabrication/restoration shop in 2007, having worked with some of the top drivers and teams in the industry for the previous 30 years. When we ran across the multitude of pictures of this ground-bound fighter jet’s tear down (did that just rhyme?), we immediately knew we had to feature it here. After all, are there ever enough turbocharged, mega horsepower open wheel race car build features? We couldn’t agree more, and this particular one gets extra unicorn brownie points for having been driven by Geoff Brabham and Michael Andretti, two of the most prominent figures in IndyCar racing. After all, if you were to ask a stranger off the street to name the first Italian race car driver that pops in their head, 9 out of 10 times it’s going to be an Andretti.

Vintage Race Car Hauler Pictures

July 13, 2016 in American / French / General Discussion / German / Italian / Japanese / Race Car

We always love a good ‘ol vintage car pictorial to scroll through, especially when the subject is race car related. There is just something about seeing the haphazard way that things used to be done that gives us a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside. We hope you enjoy looking at this feature of Vintage Race Car Hauler Pictures as much as we did in finding them.

0 - 1 -Helldrivers - Toronto Canasa - 1970

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July 6, 2016 in American / Video

Well, Tom’s back again with another feature and he is apparently silly for horsepower. While we normally do not spotlight brand new cars here at, we felt compelled to include this 2014 SRT Viper as it mixes in well with our street car/track-day car theme we have going on here which we obviously like so much. Let us apologize in advance for a few far-too-obvious cliche words here, but we couldn’t refrain ourselves from anyways…these snakes produce a venomous 640 bhp (477 kW) @ 6,200 rpm and 600 lb.-ft. of torque @ 5,000 rpm. Follow the story on the next page, starting with the video presentation of “Inside the 2013 SRT Viper Powertrain” featuring the absolutely beastly 8.4 Liter (512 Cubic Inch) motor. Also, a  very informative Adam Carolla video with Ralph Gilles of SRT and the 2014 Viper TA is included.
So, without any further animal or reptilian analogies, please continue reading and viewing on the following page…

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1974 Ford Bronco Restoration/Modification by Nicks Trix

July 1, 2016 in American / Engine Swap / Restoration Shop

This 1974 Ford Bronco underwent a full frame off restoration by the experts at Nicks Trix in North Carolina, who took the opportunity to throw some tasteful modifications on it at the same time. We always appreciate these first generation Broncos when they still retain their original uncut rear fenders without the highly popular dealer-added flares. It’s a classic look that is very rare, especially when paired with steel rims and hubcaps, wrapped in some meaty tires and raised slightly, just the way we like them.


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200th Post CBI Celebration in the Form of a 70’s Custom Van Pictorial

June 24, 2016 in American / General Discussion / Home Garage Build

For our 200th published post, we wanted to do something a little special and out of the ordinary. We thought what could be better than a post featuring 70’s customized vans? Rather than follow one from start to finish during a restoration, behold 55 pictures on the following page of an assortment of custom rigs with air-brushed unicorns, wizards, warlocks and crashing wave scenarios. From the factory, these rigs were a virtual blank canvas for the imaginations of the era’s psychedelic artists and craftsmen, and now looking back at them they surely represented that time period with flying colors, not to mention shag carpeting, bubble windows, CB radios, louvers, captain chairs and of course, beds. Water beds if were so inclined. And if the f*#k truck has a name, all the better.
So, that’s it folks for the rest of the weekend, enjoy the pictures and keep on truckin‘! Don’t come a knockin’ if the trucks a rockin‘. (Raises hands above head, drops mike and walks off stage)…


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Vintage Dealership Photos

June 8, 2016 in American / General Discussion / Uncategorized / Vintage Dealership Photos

With your help, we would like to develop a new category that features vintage dealership photos to expand further upon what we have attached here. Although we always enjoy seeing pictures of recently restored vintage cars, nothing beats seeing old pictures of them when they were still brand new and sitting on the showroom floor. It’s amazing that the dreadful tradition of haggling over the price of a car is still commonplace in our society, a practice that everybody hates to do and yet it unbelievably still exists to this day. In any case, please enjoy the few photos we actually have gathered up so far on the following page and if you have something interesting to include, please put a link to it in the “Comments” section below, or e-mail them to us [email protected] for us to update here. Help us make this into a new category filled with showroom shots of all types of vehicles from all different time periods. Until then, enjoy the 70+ photos on the following page…

1968 Chevrolet Camaro T/A Custom Build From Sweden

June 7, 2016 in American / Engine Swap / Home Garage Build / Modification Thread

This sinister looking 1968 Chevy Camaro T/A is the subject of a build thread on by it’s owner, forum member “Openers” in Sweden.
The thread-in-progress walks you through the thought process of the project car owner’s decision-making. We like his philosophy that “if you need turbos, NOS or superchargers, you’ve built too small of an engine from the beginning”. Obviously this is a guy who likes honking big American V8 muscle, in this case a 407 cubic inch engine with All Pro cylinder heads and titanium valves.

1955 Chevy Gasser Build Project

June 6, 2016 in American / Engine Swap / Home Garage Build / Modification Thread / Sympathetic Restoration / Video

This 1955 Chevy “Gasser” is the subject of a build thread on by it’s owner, forum member “Chopperman”, linked at the bottom of this page. It is a true 3 generation family project, as he has his son and dad assisting in the build too. The thread is packed with photos and videos that keep it interesting and entertaining, making it a quick read. He originally built this Chevy with his father in the early 1980’s while he was still in high school, and raced it every possible Wednesday and Saturday night. The current plan this time around was to make it a Gasser without cutting up the original stock body work, with the exception being fabrication of a front sub frame. We always appreciate a build that remains largely modified in-period, but certain exceptions are always acceptable. In the case here, the modifications were not targeting any specific time period, but it does look largely from a vintage era, which we much prefer over most resto-mods that garnish over-sized chrome bling wheels. Ultimately, final decisions always come down to personal preference, but with this particular project, overall we are liking what we see.


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1968 Dodge Charger R/T Restoration

June 3, 2016 in American / Home Garage Build

This 1968 Dodge Charger R/T has undergone a full nut and bolt rotisserie restoration, including a color change. It’s build is posted at by it’s owner/restorer who goes by the name “ChargerMoneyPit”. With a user name like that, we may not need to point out that this project took a bit more cash than than he had originally anticipated. Hey, we are just happy this car was saved from some horrendous General Lee livery, as so many of these unfortunately meet their untimely early demise. Let’s have a moment of silence as we pour Jack Daniels on the ground and pay our respects for those fallen soldiers who have…


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BAC Mono Formula 3 Car for the Street Build

June 2, 2016 in American / Build In Progress / English / Factory Photos / Race Car / Video

Where shall we start with this story? How about from the beginning…we happened to see this car randomly in Malibu a few mornings ago on the street in person. It was doing a wildly wide 180 degree turn off of Pacific Coast Highway, a move that only a car with extremely limited suspension travel and equally as short of a turning radius would do, and then it went ripping up the hill set before it. The rest of the day our jaws were dropped open until we were finally able to research it a bit further to calm our child-like curiosity. It all happened so quick that we weren’t able to immediately identify it as a BAC Mono until we remembered a recent Chris Harris//Drive video which featured one (shown on the following page), then it all started coming together…

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Factory Photos

May 23, 2016 in American / Build In Progress / English / Factory Photos / Factory Tour / French / General Discussion / German / Italian / Japanese / Race Car

With your help, we would like to develop a new category that features vintage and current factory photos. We always enjoy seeing cars in their manufacturing phases or during their restorations and modifications. That is ultimately the reason for this site’s existence, so what could be more fitting than having them all together and categorized here in their own section? Until then,please enjoy the few photos we actually have gathered up so far on the following page and if you have something interesting to include, please put a link to them in the “Comments” section below, or e-mail them to us at [email protected] for us to include and update here. Help us make this into a new category booming with an assortment of factory and shop pictures of all types of vehicles from all different time periods, OEM or aftermarket.

1956 Ferrari Factory 1

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Building of a 2014 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Engine

May 12, 2016 in American / Build In Progress / Factory Tour / Race Car

Since we are on the subject of COPO Chevrolet’s in our last feature, we couldn’t imagine a better time than now to throw some high octane fuel onto the Chevy/Ford fire with an inside look at the building of a 2014 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet engine. The article is far too technically advanced for us, but we were able to decipher that only 50 editions are produced per year and for 2013, 47 supercharged engines were built alongside 3 naturally aspirated versions. Enjoy the article linked on the next page, then back to our regular planned programming with car builds, modifications and restorations.

8 dressed

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Build Your Own COPO Camaro On-Line

May 11, 2016 in American / Build In Progress / Engine Swap / Factory Tour / Race Car / Restoration Shop / Video

Here’s a great link to Chevrolet’s on-line Performance catalog, where every part and component imaginable is available to build or modify your very own bitchin ‘Maro, including a bare Body-In-White COPO shell. We could spend hours on that site sorting out which parts to gather for the ultimate street or track builds and in fact, we just did exactly that. Enjoy looking through all of the different possibilities of Chevrolet performance parts with everything from suspension kits for your street car to full crate engines for your quarter mile drag racer. All models and years included. Then be sure to watch the 2012 Motor Trend video tour of GM’s Performance Build Center in Wixom, Michigan. Expect lots of smokey burnouts and please make our COPO a black 427 with massive Hoosier drag slicks, just like the one above…

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2011 Ford Mustang GT NASA Race Car Build + Video

May 10, 2016 in American / Build In Progress / Italian / Race Car / Video

Alrighty now, what we have here is a proper build thread: the 17 day metamorphosis of a stock 2011 Ford Mustang GT into a race car for use in the NASA American Iron series. The thread was started by forum member “FlimFlam” on to document his shop’s step by step transformation of the car. Performance Autosport’s scheme was to pluck a factory GT 5.0 straight off of the showroom floor, slightly modify it with bolts ons and campaign it in the race series, leaving it’s small block 302 cubic inch, 4 valve V8 engine 100% stock to prove Ford’s reliability. We are not entirely sure of why they felt it was their obligation to prove this themselves, but we’ll just go ahead and run with it because we like where their heads are at. The concept of being able to buy a car from your local dealership, gut it, cage it, install some coilovers and race brakes, and then throw it into the heat of battle just works for us. We are thinking that their decision to keep the engine unmodified was most likely based on their AI class’s rules and regulations more than any quest to prove the stock engine’s reliability, but none-the-less we are down with the whole idea so here it is in all of it’s glory…

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1969 Corvette Pro Street Build

May 6, 2016 in American / Build In Progress / Home Garage Build / Race Car

This 1969 Corvette is the subject of a build thread on by it’s owner, forum member “vette427-sbc”. We really like the road racer approach he is taking with the current build-in-progress, and the whole Jersey, Bruce Springstein, American good ‘ol boy home garage project feel of it all. It turns out he has had the car since he was 16, which just adds to general overall theme that the thread already has going on but there is no mention whether that was just last week or somewhere in the last century. We are guessing it falls somewhere in the middle based on, well, actually, based on what? The “mature” theme or vibe of the build? We are talking about a ‘Vette project build here, after all, with all the fixin’s to make any age of adult act like a juvenile delinquent. That would include a Chevy 350 V8 mated to a Pontiac GTO 6 speed transmission, a full roll cage, 17″ Torque Thrust’s and some of the trickest road race suspension, brake and engine parts available to make it capable of handling lap after lap of heavyweight abuse. Taking that into consideration, chances are that we need to use that term in a relative sense of which we personally hope to never find out the actual true meaning of it, ourselves.

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Abandoned Cars: A Sad, Sad Pictorial

April 27, 2016 in American / Barn Find / English / French / General Discussion / German / Italian / Japanese / Race Car / Replica/Tribute Build / Swedish / Sympathetic Restoration / Uncategorized

Warning: The following page contains graphic photos of neglected, abandoned and generally mistreated rare and exotic sports cars. The majority are vintage, but there are a few later model years included too that have deteriorated at an extremely quick rate. All car enthusiasts should prepare themselves for feelings of grief, anguish, and confusion along with questions of disbelief for what is about to be witnessed, if one indeed does decide to proceed with this disturbing endeavor any further. The photos were all sourced from a three part series on with no further information provided other than the actual pictures themselves. We recognize a few as well known historic cars which have since been saved, while others languish in automotive purgatory, their whereabouts unbeknownst to anybody but the lone soul who snapped their picture and the misguided derelict who so callously left them behind for dead. If only we could be so omniscient as to know the exact location and story behind each and every one of them and feature their resurrection process here, our mission in this universe would finally be complete. Until then, at best all that we can do is hope that each has a rescue story with a happy ending. 116 photos, and no explanation of even one of them in sight. When you are ready, please proceed with extreme precaution by hitting the “Continue reading” tab below. You have been fore-warned…
We have included a few of the more notable cars below. You may find all 116 by clicking on each one individually in the right hand column.

Great Video on AFTER/DRIVE :Lightweight Sports Cars Are The Future

April 6, 2016 in American / English / French / General Discussion / German / Italian / Japanese / Swedish / Video

#Here is a subject that we beat to death on our site over and over again: a car’s weight. We discuss it in one form or another in what seems like each and every one of our featured posts. The reason why is because the performance cars of today have gotten far too bloated in size, heavy in weight and complicated with electronic gizmos over the years.
Rather than reiterate everything that we have said before here once again, we have included this recent video from the guys at AFTER/DRIVE which absolutely nails every point that CarBuildIndex ultimately stands for. It hits upon topics which we hope to see in our car world’s near future, as well.
This half hour video interview is well worth watching for all car enthusiasts from every car culture background. After, please feel free to join in a discussion in the “Comments” section on the next page.



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1965 23T Competition Roadster Drag Racer Restoration

April 4, 2016 in American / Race Car / Video

This 1965 23T Competition Roadster drag racer is the subject of a restoration on‘s “H.A.M.B.” by forum member “Chuy” from Long Beach. He originally found the project for sale on E-bay and after nobody won the bidding, “Chuy” made contact with the seller and they put together a deal to pick up the original 3 point dragster chassis and body on the 2011 Memorial Day weekend. Soon after he figured out that he had purchased a piece of dragster history that had originally been driven by legendary racer Gary Cochran from 1965 to 1966. Further research revealed that the chassis was built by Bellflower Auto Center back in 1965 and it first had an injected 390 before moving to a blown Ford 427. In it’s original guise it ran 4 slot magnesium Halibrand rear rims with “pie crust” M&H slicks, and Boranni front wheels, which are very rare parts to try and find today. Thankfully, the H.A.M.B. community is very knowledgeable and resourceful, and it’s members helped to assist locating all of the necessary parts to bring this historic racer back to it’s original configuration.
Here at CarBuildIndex, we like jumping around from 47 horsepower micro cars to mega horsepower dragsters to keep you on your toes. Both are complete opposite ends of the spectrum, but equally as interesting and impressive in their own rights. The vintage photo of the driver ripping it down the race track with what appears to be only a wool beanie cap and goggles for protection is particularly awesome. Follow this quarter miler’s journey back to the drag strip with us below, starting with just some loose performance parts and a rusted-out shell…


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1973 Mercury Cougar Winston West NASCAR Restoration

March 28, 2016 in American / Build In Progress / Race Car / Video

This 1973 Winston West NASCAR Mercury Cougar is a restoration-in-progress by Shaun Coleman of Campbell, California. You may recall the impressive 2 month nut and bolt rebuild of his 1965 Chevrolet Impala NASCAR which we featured previously here at: . This Cougar’s project was started a few years before that car with the goal of finishing it in time to race at the 2013 Sonoma Historics.
Just looking at the original 1970’s era NASCAR Grand National brakes and 1960’s Ford LTD beefed up lower control arms conjures up visions of cigars, cold beers in pull-away-tab cans and shirts with butter fly collars, the way the good ‘ol boys used to do it back in the day. We are particularly enjoying everything about the vintage photographs which are included. There are possibly a few Ricky Bobby Shake n’ Bake jokes in there somewhere, but out of respect of this bad ass car we will refrain from using any of them and keep the remainder of this post strictly business, at least the best way we know how…

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