THE TOP 15 POSTS OF 2015: #7-Updated: The Unbelievable But True Full Story of 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO #3589

December 31, 2015 in Art / Barn Find / Italian / Race Car / Restoration

5Today we take an updated re-look at the story behind one of the neglected cars from one of our past “Abandoned Cars-A Sad Sad Pictorial” features. Every single car pictured in that gallery is a horrific display of abuse and deterioration, but one car in particular that stood out and caught our attention was the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO sitting outside, dilapidating in a field. Low and behold, we have now finally run across the shocking full story of that particular car, which we share on the following page for the inquiring minds of our fellow vintage car enthusiasts who want to know….

The Artwork of Casey Hall

December 9, 2015 in Art / Featured


Today I’d like to highlight an artist who I asked to share her work here with our viewers. Her name is Casey Hall and all we can say is we wish we had her impressive abilities ourselves! Her bio can be found on the following page where you can find more examples of her drawings, along with a link to her site so please enjoy and help support our artistic vintage car community by forwarding this feature to your contacts. Continue reading →

Porsche Turtle Car Paintings: Wherein our resident artist, Wallace Wyss, puts his pen to depicting Porsches

November 25, 2015 in Art / German / guest contributor / Reader Submission / Wallace Wyss

6A Note by the Editor: 

Wallace Wyss, most often seen on these pages as a writer, reports that, in preparation for the reprinting of the revised Porsche 356 Photo Archive book, he is attending a lot of Porsche meets.

His goal? To find 356 cars to photograph for his upcoming book.

“In one year I did Monterey Rolex Revival, the Rennfest, the Dana Point show, the LA Airport Porsche fan show, and the Porsche 356 Owner’s Club Palms to Pines,” he says. Continue reading →

“Abarth in Paris”, an Altered Oil Painting Creatively Modified by Wyss

November 11, 2015 in Art / For Sale / Wallace Wyss


The title of this work is appropriately named, “Abarth in Paris” and it can be all yours to hang anywhere you so desire. Here’s the backstory:

Intrigued by an oil painting of Paris found while rummaging around for treasures at a swap meet, our intrepid correspondent/artist Wallace Wyss bought the piece, even though he knows such paintings are mass produced- one guy doing the sky, another doing the clouds, another doing the buildings and so forth and so on. Once he had it home, Wyss then concluded that the sullen street needed a pastel colored sports car to liven things up, so he took one of his paper prints featuring an Abarth Carrera, cut out the car and glued it onto the painting, creating this mixed-media collage. “But then the people were too big for the car, so I had to paint out a lot of the people” he says.
The collage is for sale, open to the highest bidder. Maybe if you pay him enough, he’ll even go so far as to paint you behind the wheel. So far, there’s been no comment from the Chinese artists, who will hopefully not be asking for a cut….


October 17, 2015 in Art / Concours Show / Design / Featured / General Discussion / Wallace Wyss


by Wallace Wyss
The Art Center College is getting ready to do its annual concours October 25th and lemme tell ‘ya, the list of judges are just amazing. If you want to meet your heroes, this is the show to be at. Leading is the famous Syd Mead, Visual Futurist  and here’s some of the guys on the design panel:
Here’s the schedule for the show:

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UPDATED: Exclusive Interview with Automotive Author and Artist, Wallace Wyss

July 30, 2015 in Art / Featured / General Discussion / guest contributor / Race Car / Wallace Wyss


Today we are fortunate to have featured here today an exclusive interview with automotive artist and published author of the “Incredible Barn Find” series of books, Wallace Wyss (rhymes with REESE). Wallace is a native of Detroit but moved to California in 1969 to continue his work as an automotive writer. Before that, he had been in advertising, writing ads for Chevrolet in the original “muscle car” era of the ’60s. Once in Los Angeles, he worked for two years as an associate editor of Motor Trend and later began a freelance author career, with twelve automotive histories published so far. In 2007 he made his first painting and is now transitioning into the world of fine art. Our Q&A with him begins on the following page…
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A Look at Mo Faraz’s Automotive Art Work and Humor Series

July 27, 2015 in Art / General Discussion


From time to time when we run across talented classic car artists, we like to share them with our readers. Today we introduce you to Mo Faraz, who has designed a new humor series depicting the relationships us petrol-heads have with classic cars.  With each cartoon, he takes a satirical look at scenarios of classic car ownership.  His ideas originate from the belief that personal (car) relationships must contain two-distinct levels of thought.  Therefore he has entitled his work H42 named after the first high & low beam lamp (released in 1971)…

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The Birth of the Ferrari 250GTO: A Story in Paintings by Wallace Wyss

May 21, 2015 in Art / guest contributor / History / Italian / Reader Submission / Wallace Wyss


Enzo Ferrari was almost frightened when he saw the first pictures of the E-type Jaguar. He knew that an aerodynamicist, Malcolm Sayer, was involved with it and thought it was more aerodynamic than his Ferrari short wheelbase 250GT berlinetta.

Of course Ferrari had the “SEFAC hot rod” developed by engineer Bizzarrini but even with six carburetors the swb 250GT was a bit of blunt pig compared to the E-type as far as “aero”.

So Enzo authorized Ing. Bizzarrini to go off in a hidden location with some helpers and have at the swb with axes, chain saws, hammers, whatever he needed. What Bizzarrini did was move the engine back a few inches for better weight distribution, and lower it, and make it dry sump so it could be lowered. Then he added a 5-speed which gave it that extra top end you needed for the straight at Lemans.

And then he put cooling scoops above the regular grille air intake, fitting each scoop with a removable door that could be removed to make the car run more cool or less cool depending on the ambient temperature.

To make sure the 250GTO was aerodynamically a big jump ahead of the swb, he re-shaped the body each day by slapping Bondo on it every night, and running it between two fixed points, each time with a different configuration, on the autostrada. When he got where it could cruise at 175 he finalized the shape (“froze” in design terms) and started having them built…. Continue reading →

UPDATED WITH MORE ART: CBI Contributor Wallace Wyss to Display Ferrari Fine Art at Concorso Italiano

April 24, 2015 in Art / Featured / General Discussion / guest contributor / Reader Submission / Wallace Wyss

Wallace Wyss, fine artist and contributor to CBI, is painting up a storm in preparation for his one-man show at his booth at Concorso Italiano in Monterey August 15th. He says almost all of his work will be on Ferrari, with the occasional Lamborghini or Maserati. Wyss, who describes himself as a “primitive” (“like Granma Moses” he jokes), paints his artwork in acrylic oil and then makes affordable prints. At the show there will be over 50 prints to choose from, many depicting classic Ferraris of the ‘50s and ‘60s, often cars featured in his “Incredible Barn Find” series of books.

6“I always like to come to Monterey to see the art work of the AFAS group at Pebble,” he says, adding “automotive art work is moving up in the memorabilia world with the display of art at the newer museums.”

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The Artwork of Impressionist Painter Rob Ijbema

March 5, 2015 in Art / General Discussion

From time to time I’ll run across a talented automotive-related artist that I like to bring to the attention of our viewers, for no other reason than wanting to share the find and do our part to help expose them further. Originally from Holland, our featured artist today is impressionist painter Rob Ijbema, who currently lives and works in Wales. His paintings are known for their emphasis on atmosphere, light and movement rather than detail, which is only hinted at by seemingly random dashes of color. His combination of a delicate impressionist style with a sense of danger and speed of motor racing results in powerful artworks. Before turning to paint and brushes to capture racing cars, Ijbema was a scratch model builder producing work for the most famous names in Grand Prix racing. A few examples of our favorites can be seen on the following page, where you will find a link to his site, as well…

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Bruce Thomson Sketches Vintage Cars He’s Considering Purchase Of

February 24, 2015 in Art / Design / English / German / guest contributor / Italian / Reader Submission

Working as a Professor in the Industrial Design Department at Humber College in Toronto, our featured guest today, Bruce Thomson, teaches in the field of automotive design. Like us, the Canadian master draftsman prefers basically everything from the 1960’s and 70’s era as opposed to what’s being produced nowadays, whether the subject matter range from music to automobiles. After having just recently sold his 1971 Mercedes Benz 220, he and his wife Evelyn are currently on the hunt for something vintage to replace it with, and their journey’s trials and tribulations are kept updated on a site dedicated to the process at But rather than simply look at each candidate, test drive it and then mull the decision over as most would, Bruce makes a sketch of every car they go look at while making notations about each of their unique details, a system that certainly helps during the process of elimination. Check out some of these sketches on the following page and be sure to visit his site for the full story on each car…

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FERRARI 250GTO PRINT signed by fine artist Wallace Wyss

January 30, 2015 in Art / Wallace Wyss

For CBI Viewers:

EPSON scanner image Purchase a 12″x18″ Signed Ferrari GTO Print by Wallace Wyss. You can Contact Wallace Wyss at: [email protected]

VIDEO: Paul Bracq- Inspirational Automobile Designer Extraordinaire

December 19, 2014 in Art / Concept Car / Design / French / German / Video

Paul Bracq, the notorious car designer of French origin who was head of BMW’s design department from 1971 to 1974, is remarkably still at work to this day at 81 years old. He is responsible for penning some of the most iconic and recognizable shapes in the automotive world, including on the short list the very first E12 5-Series sedan and E21 3-Series coupe, as well as such Mercedes Benz models as the 230 SL “Pagoda” and 600 Limousine, among many others. Also of note is his time spent with Citroen and Peugeot after beginning his career as an assistant in the design studio of Philippe Charbonneaux back in 1953. Listen to his inspirational talk in the short film by #BMWstories on the following page…

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A Few Vintage Rolls Royce and Bentley Factory Photos Following a Short Essay…

September 2, 2014 in Art / English / Factory Photos / Patina / Photo of the Day

I sometimes entertain the thought of picking up an old beat up and ratty vintage Rolls Royce or Bentley to roll around town in, fully patina’d to the max inside and out far past a point of what the majority of civilized people would consider as socially acceptable, and most likely a convertible. It would have to be in a cosmetic condition that would make it clearly understood that there was absolutely no form of posing being attempted it this situation, it would simply be a once-decadent vehicle in a full state of rotting decay to test exactly who understood the big picture and those who didn’t. Lumpy idle, car fully shaking from side to side and the occasional backfire wouldn’t hurt either, as well as possibly an overly polished gold package to top it off with too, which would happen to be the only shiny bits adorning the old relic to add a bit of contradiction for the truly savvy. Of course, the cracked leather front seats would be shared with my shelter rescue dogs and possibly any stray that I found on that particular day’s journey, just to rub the point in a little further. It would have to be a bastard car that provokes emotion not unlike what the 1969 Silver Shadow race car that appeared on must stir up in all that come in contact with it. Most passersby would most probably look at it and not know exactly what to think, as they had been trained throughout life to turn their noses up at such a display but at the same time their utter disdain for the audacity that was unfolding before them was really a classical case of ignorance and confusion disguised as a false sense of superiority. Most likely there would be the occasional blank stare and/or thumbs up from curious onlookers, but I suppose the whole fantasy is really somewhat more of a deeper antisocial statement about conspicuous consumption and the status symbols that society attaches to material objects than anything else. When it comes down to it, though, I think I would enjoy it just for the sheer entertainment value it could provide alone in true Rock n’ Roll style…until the reality settles in of their outrageous maintenance and repairs bills and I come to realize there are far better, more productive and sociable ways to spend my meager earnings. The dream then at that point always quickly fades away only to reappear once again when I see yet another decrepit example show up on (which happens to be nowhere near Beverly Hills, by the way) to stir my imagination… Now, how about a small collection of a few old pictures from the Rolls Royce and Bentley factory, the real reason for this posting here today…

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