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THE TOP 15 POSTS OF 2015(and of all time): #2- UPDATED and For Sale: BMW E30 M3 5.7L Dinan Stroker V10 Build by Piper Motorsport

December 31, 2015 in Engine Swap / Featured / For Sale / German / Modification Thread / Sleeper / Video

UPDATE: We originally ran this story back on November 5th, 2013. It seems it is now listed on eBay with a Buy it Now price of $224,500 HERE. No comment from us on the asking price, but find the original feature below.
This BMW E30 M3 was the build project of Piper Motorsports in Virginia. We were in a bit of sensory overload ourselves when we first saw this car on-line, so it’s understandable if reading this feature’s title left you in a bit of shock and awe, too. After all, at first it’s hard to imagine an 80’s box-flaired M3 with an M5 10 cylinder engine and 6 speed manual transmission stuffed into it, but we gathered ourselves together and summed up their build the best we could while in our weakened, fragile state. If more detailed of an explanation is needed, a link to Piper Motorsport’s website can be found at the bottom of the page. After all, we are just here to point you in the right direction with the suggestion of an epic build thread or project and a Cliff Notes-esque summary of it, and upload every single necessary relevant or irrelevant photo. SO, with that disclaimer disclaimed, here we go…

A 1969 Dodge Daytona Car Port Find from Alabama

December 16, 2015 in American / Auction / Barn Find / For Sale / Homologation


So, what do you all make of this 1969 Dodge Daytona barn find car port find from Alabama? It’s set to hit the auction block next month at Mecum with an expected hammer price attached to it of somewhere between $150k and $180K. Just to get the facts straight before meandering onto the staged photos of it in a barn (staged photos by an auction house?! say it ain’t so!) mixed in on the following page, the rare car is 1 of only 503 built and has had 2 owners from new with a claimed 20k original miles. Intrigued? Then let’s move on and delve a little deeper on the next page, shall we? Continue reading →

Blessed by Balboni: 1981 Lamborghini Countach LP400 S Series III For Sale

November 13, 2015 in Auction / For Sale / Italian / What I Found Today


While I briefly referred to this 1981 Lamborghini Countach LP400 S in another story the other day about a 1955 Ferrari 500 Mondial coming up for sale in the same auction (December 10th in New York), I’m thinking this one deserves a closer inspection, after all.

First of all, when looking at all the flat and angular lines and shapes of this car (that incidentally represents poster material for virtually every car obsessed youth growing up in the 80’s), one has to wonder… Continue reading →

“Abarth in Paris”, an Altered Oil Painting Creatively Modified by Wyss

November 11, 2015 in Art / For Sale / Wallace Wyss


The title of this work is appropriately named, “Abarth in Paris” and it can be all yours to hang anywhere you so desire. Here’s the backstory:

Intrigued by an oil painting of Paris found while rummaging around for treasures at a swap meet, our intrepid correspondent/artist Wallace Wyss bought the piece, even though he knows such paintings are mass produced- one guy doing the sky, another doing the clouds, another doing the buildings and so forth and so on. Once he had it home, Wyss then concluded that the sullen street needed a pastel colored sports car to liven things up, so he took one of his paper prints featuring an Abarth Carrera, cut out the car and glued it onto the painting, creating this mixed-media collage. “But then the people were too big for the car, so I had to paint out a lot of the people” he says.
The collage is for sale, open to the highest bidder. Maybe if you pay him enough, he’ll even go so far as to paint you behind the wheel. So far, there’s been no comment from the Chinese artists, who will hopefully not be asking for a cut….

“Preserved”, “Patina”, “Originality”- there, we used all the catch phrases! A 1955 Ferrari 500 Mondial bodied by Scaglietti

November 9, 2015 in Auction / For Sale / Italian / Patina


Let me tell you, it took some huge amount of restraint to publish only half of the photos taken by Remi Dargegen of this 1955 Ferrari 500 Mondial bodied by Scaglietti. A 1,984 cc DOHC Lampredi in-line four cylinder, the car has been making its rounds about the internet already as it is scheduled to hit the auction block in New York on December 10th. While each car RM/Sotheby’s are featuring in their upcoming sale is an example of absolute perfection in their own right, none offer the character epitomized by this particular old race car. As the story goes…

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An Outlaw Porsche 356 that is most confusing…

October 14, 2015 in For Sale / German / guest contributor / Reader Submission / Wallace Wyss

4Feature Story by Wallace Wyss

In researching my upcoming book on the Porsche 356, I was overjoyed when I saw this car at the Dana Point Porsche 356 show, thinking I had discovered a long lost prototype.

It had a Reutter badge (an authorized Porsche coachbuilder back in the day) but had a body style that I didn’t recognize. Well, I was a bit deflated when I found out just now… Continue reading →

The Porsche That Almost Was: The Elusive 911R. And This One’s for sale…

October 2, 2015 in For Sale / German / guest contributor / History / Race Car / Reader Submission / Wallace Wyss

4Feature Story by Wallace Wyss

Many years ago, roughly 1970, I was walking along a street in West Hollywood when I saw a guy leaning on a white Porsche with round taillights. I was curious because it was a 911 body style but the taillights on those are normally horizontal. I asked him about it and he said it was a 911R. He claimed it was so light it would lift the front wheels on acceleration. I wrote a story about it in Motor Trend but was still a little suspicious that he was having me on, with a custom car saying it was a factory race car.
In the intervening 45 years I have come across a couple more articles and learned more. The 1967 Typ 911 R is profiled in Randy Leffingwell’s “Porsche Legends – Inside History Of The Epic Cars” who says that the lightweight run of twenty cars was built as a race car prototype. (Editor’s Note: Chassis No.17 is pictured throughout this story in it’s many different configurations) According to him, they used fiberglass wherever possible for body panels and the side glass and rear glass was replaced by plexiglass. Because it was a racing car, you Continue reading →

For Sale: Driver Quality 1962 Lincoln Continental Suicide Door Convertible – Not for Concours Lawns

September 18, 2015 in American / For Sale

When posts that they’re looking for writers, I always send them an example of my work to see if I have what it take to join their team. After all, it is my personal favorite site that I visit everyday. On the following page, please find the 1962 Lincoln Continental Suicide Door Convertible that I submitted. Open to constructive criticism…

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UPDATE 9/8- SOLD! For Sale: 1988 Ferrari Testarossa Project

September 2, 2015 in For Sale / Italian


This 1988 Ferrari Testarossa project was just e-mailed to me from a viewer to post for sale (sold as of 9/8/15). It is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Calgary. More photos, description and contact information is available on the following page. The only requirement we at ask is that if you buy it, please keep us up to date on the rebuild! We don’t have any further info than that which is given on the next page, so please be sure to contact the seller directly with any questions…

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At Monterey: The Poshest Post War Rolls Coming Up at RM Auction Tomorrow!

August 14, 2015 in English / For Sale / guest contributor / History / Reader Submission / Wallace Wyss

1Feature Story by Wallace Wyss


I have a private theory on why some car body styles disappear.

They are simply shamed out of existence.

Take for example the Sedanca de Ville. It means sedanca of the city. I gather the sedanca was a body where the chauffeur sat out front, where he got rained on, while the occupants sat in back under a solid roof.

I saw a newsreel of the 10s and there were hundreds of them on Fifth Avenue, so I think it was once a common body style.

But along the way, after WWII, when the GIs had fought overseas and came back, there was a more egalitarian spirit in America. Nobody wanted to be the damn chauffeur. And rich people didn’t want to be seen exploiting the poor chauffeur. So the model died out, quickly. Continue reading →

COMING UP AT AUCTION: 1972 Ferrari 365GTC/4- think of it as a Daytona that’s been tamed…

August 9, 2015 in For Sale / guest contributor / Italian / Reader Submission / Wallace Wyss

1By Wallace Wyss


Sometimes I feel like the cop that married Marilyn Monroe. Before she was Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean Baker I believe was her original name). After he divorced her and she became a big star, I am sure every time he passed a movie theatre with the poster from Some Like It Hot, he winced.

I’m the same way, every time I see a Ferrari 365 GTC/4. I tell the story in my book Incredible Barn Finds but to some it up in one line: bought from movie producer for $19,000, drove three years, sold for 60K. And thought I was doin’ good.

I noticed that Gooding has one coming up for sale at Pebble Beach and I will walk past eyes averted to stop that angst from coming back. But they are great cars.

They say in their catalog that it is a car “Epitomizing the gran turismo concept.”

They compared it to the Daytona saying that it is “harder edged”, and I agree. Steering the un-power assisted Daytona, for example, is an absolute chore.

The 365 GTC/4 debuted at Geneva in 1971 and replaced both the 365 GT 2+2 and 365 GTC.

I think it’s called the “4” because it has four cams, not because it has four seats, though the two back seats are extremely vestigial… Continue reading →

An Off Road Adventure for Sale in Monterey: 1986 Ford RS200 Evolution Rally Car

August 7, 2015 in American / English / For Sale / guest contributor / Homologation / Rally / Reader Submission / Wallace Wyss

6By Wallace Wyss

One of the more scary adventures I had in my life as a car writer was volunteering to ride up to Angeles’ Crest Highway, a mountaintop road above Los Angeles, in a RS200 “Evolution” model. So not only was it a rare mid-engined rally Ford but it was a further evolution of the original model. We were blasting 100 mph uphill and, amazingly, at the same time being passed by café racers on motorcycles who thought we were going too slow!

Gooding Auction Co., at Monterey in mid-August, will be selling an almost identical RS200. I think it is a formidable sports car, and the joy of it is that you can drive it off road, which you can’t exactly do with a Ferrari. (Editor’s note: ah, but let’s not forget that Harry Metcalfe recently drove a Testarossa across the Sahara)

The RS200 was conceived by Ford Motorsport in England in the early ‘80s.

It was basically built to showcase Ford engineering, and in a way showed that differently than the previous mid-engined Ford, the GT40 which ran only on nice smooth racetracks like LeMans. .

The RS200 boasted an advanced four-wheel drive system, a turbocharged Cosworth engine, and a sophisticated suspension system that would take all the bumps and dips and rough surface of the rally routes of the world.

Ford says the bodywork was designed by Ghia. I believe it but wonder if it was to a British design, I don’t see much of the grace of an Italian designed car, so maybe that was when Ford owned Ghia and they built the design to whatever Ford design studio sent them.

Gooding says in their catalog that, for many years, The Guinness Book of Records listed the RS200 as the world’s fastest accelerating production automobile, achieving 0 to 60 mph in less than 3.2 seconds and a 0-100-0 time of just 12.6 seconds. I think the one I had a ride in up the mountain was faster, but let me tell you, you don’t want to go any faster, particularly on a dirt road… Continue reading →

Renault R5 Turbo II Restoration

August 7, 2015 in Build Thread / For Sale / French / Homologation / Rally


We’ll make any excuse to talk about Renault R5 Turbos, so when this restoration recently popped up on we were more than happy to take the opportunity to share it just for that reason. As legend has it, Renault needed a rally car to go up against Lancia’s successful Stratos back in the glory days of racing so they employed Marcello Gandini at Bertone to take on the honors. He was assigned to design the box flared rear bodywork for the otherwise pedestrian 5 hatchback model since they were about to take the economy car and twist everything about it around in a full 180. You see, they would need those wide arches to house steamroller tires since the engine would be now transplanted to the middle for better handling and more direct rear wheel drive action. The first run of 400 Turbo 1’s satisfied Group 4 homologation requirements, but they continued production with the following Turbo II’s outside of the Alpine factory just for the glory of it all. And who could blame them? Stock the 1.4 liter turbo 4’s had about 160 hp in the lowest available configuration, but with the modifications this example has seen it should make quite a bit more. Racing “Maxi” examples were known to make well over double that amount, and we’d love to test drive this car, which happens to be for sale by the way, to give our own seat-of-the-pants estimate. Check its restoration out on the following page… Continue reading →

Monterey Auction Alert: Alfa Montreal at RM

August 6, 2015 in For Sale / guest contributor / History / Italian / Reader Submission / Wallace Wyss

2By Wallace Wyss 

When I went to Expo ’67 in Montréal, Quebec, Canada one of the things I remember most is the pearl white Alfa Montreal from the show. At the time it was just a concept car but eventually reached production.

Though everyone credits the car to designer Marcello Gandini I still think the horizontal vents in the C-pillar and the half hidden headlights (with “blinds”) are Giugiaro trademarks. Gandini came to Bertone after Giugiaro left for Ghia.

The first two prototypes were powered by an inline-4 from the Alfa Romeo Giulia, but the production version had an engine that is one big reason for collecting this car, whose styling has dated somewhat from other Gandini designs. The engine was an aluminum block 90° V8, with race car like dry-sump lubrication and SPICA fuel injection. This was a variation of the V8 which powering the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 racecar Continue reading →


August 5, 2015 in For Sale / German / guest contributor / Homologation / Reader Submission / Wallace Wyss

2Feature by Wallace Wyss

You have to kind of laugh at those US laws designed to keep cars out. Back in the late ’80s, standing on the belief that a few laws about bumpers and such would keep out progress, the US gum’mint said the Porsche 959 was persona non grata, never mind that it was a high tech car bringing some great new things to the table. Even Bill Gates, who founded a computer software company way back when couldn’t bring his in. Oh, he bought one, he just couldn’t legalize it. He finally sponsored a law that allowed people to bring in non-conforming cars if they were low production, etc.

And now that all these years have passed, anyone can buy a 959 in the U.S., if they can afford one, that is. In the meantime since the ’80s,  they went up to a million and more.

Gooding will be offering this one at their Monterey auction. First a little history, straight from their catalog… Continue reading →

1952 Jaguar XK-120 Supersonic: When the Italians got ahold of a British sports car chassis, the results were sometimes dynamic

August 3, 2015 in English / For Sale / guest contributor / History / Italian / Reader Submission / Wallace Wyss

1Feature Story by Wallace Wyss

“Supersonic” seems like such a quaint word nowadays, but I am old enough to remember when airplanes (or should I spell it “aeroplane”?) were sub-sonic. It was a big deal in the newspapers that the sound barrier had been broken. Nowadays there’s plenty of fighters than can go supersonic.

But going back to the car world, car designers in the Fifties were much influenced by what was happening in the aircraft field which is why Giovanni Savonuzzi of Ghia, when he designed this body, called it the Supersonic. Now I don’t remember a design being used on so many different brand chassis but this cars was used on several, from Fiat (the 8V) to Alfa, to Jaguar and there’s even a Cobra 427 with this body on it, though that was done much later than the original Supersonics…
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The Bertone Ferrari: Break your piggy bank–it’s comin’ up for sale…

August 1, 2015 in Design / For Sale / guest contributor / History / Italian / Reader Submission / Wallace Wyss

22Feature Story by Wallace Wyss

Giugiaro, recently retired, is recognized as the greatest Italian car designer. How’izzit, then, that he’s done only three or four of them?

I think it was that Bertone wasn’t Enzo’s buddy so when Giugiaro did this one even getting that chassis was a struggle. Later when Giugiaro went to Ghia, De Tomaso, who owned Ghia wasn’t anybody’s buddy.

And when Giugiaro started Ital Design he didn’t have a factory (he pieced the BMW M1 together unwillingly working with a German supplier).

This car is controversial because it doesn’t look like any other Ferrari, even though he did a second for Bertone. Also with its split grille, it looks a little like a Pontiac. (Editor’s Note: Wallace, we love ‘ya, but we’re going to have to politely disagree on that comment about everything but perhaps the nose.)

It so happens I interacted with the car while a spear carrier for Motor Trend, I did a little photography on the side and managed to get an assignment from an  assistant art director at Motor Trend, and a Ferrari fanatic, to help Automobile Quarterly find some Ferraris to photograph for a story they were running.


So off I went, from one owner on the list supplied me to another. Most of the cars were impressive (the GTC/4 inspired me to buy one decades later) but I wasn’t prepared for the singular beauty of the one-off Bertone short wheelbase berlinetta.

But first, let me go back and say who Bertone is… Continue reading →

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