Random Vintage Photographs

February 22, 2017 in American / English / French / General Discussion / German / Italian / Japanese / Race Car / Vintage Dealership Photos

We put this collection of random vintage photographs together from a 196 page-and-counting thread on simply titled “Vintage photos…..Awesome!” by forum member “G60toR32”. Thousands of pictures are included from every era all around the populated world, including some that we particularly found interesting of our native Los Angeles before today’s plague of traffic and congestion. Get lost while looking at over 100 photos attached on the following page, or if you really have some time for a journey you can find the link to the original thread at the bottom of the next page.

1 LIFE-German Cars


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Citroen Maserati SM Restoration

February 13, 2017 in French / Italian / Restoration Shop

This Citroen Maserati SM is the subject of a ground up restoration by a collaboration between two shops in France: Classic-Car-Charolais for the body work, and Patrick Regembeau for the mechanical. Although they do not include any background narrative of this particular SM’s history on either of their sites, there are more than enough restoration pictures posted to piece together it’s rejuvenation story. We have also included pictures of one of the historic work shops where the transformation occurred because it fits so well as the perfectly appropriate setting for the renovation of this French and Italian mixed exotic. In the end, the car’s final results look absolutely stunning in it’s show quality finish. 


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1/8th Scale Model Build of a Talbot Lago T26C

January 23, 2017 in French / Home Garage Build / Race Car / Replica/Tribute Build

The 10 page build thread of this Talbot Lago T26C 1/8th scale model replica was featured on by it’s creator, forum member PROPELLER. While we by no means have any immediate plans to change our name to any time soon, we did, however, get a bit overly giddy about this miniature race car and uploaded over 200 photos of it’s build on the following page. Continue with us on the next page as we take an extreme close up look at this fascinating project…

Cut-A-Way Car Displays

December 6, 2016 in American / Cutaway Pictures / English / French / German / Italian / Japanese / Race Car

Since we featured Shin Yoshikawa’s awe inspiring cut-a-way car drawings a few weeks ago (, we thought that it might be interesting to take a look at actual, full scale cut-a-way cars. The use of cut-a-way car displays is a tradition that automobile manufacturers have been practicing for decades since the early days of auto shows. When we see them we always find it interesting to do a walk around and hope that some deeper understanding of automobile’s intricate mechanical workings will somehow be willed upon us while we blankly gaze at them trying to figure them out. Unfortunately that never seems to happen and then the best we can do is resort to imagining a good hand car washing rather than wrenching. In any case, continue on the next page for a look at the attached cut-a-way cars exposed in all of their naked glory for your own personal viewing pleasure, whether it’s for washing or wrenching purposes, or possibly even both if you are so inclined…

1 1965-chevrolet-chevelle-malibu-ss

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1939 Talbot-Lago T150 C SS

November 18, 2016 in French / Race Car / Survivor

This feature is a very special 1939 Talbot-Lago T150 C SS. This particular example proved to the world that the small eclectic French automobile manufacturer was capable of producing a vehicle so advanced before it’s time that it was able to actually place 5th at LeMans a full 10 years after it had originally been built. Remarkably, it has now endured 75 years without being restored and even still wears some of the original crude welding from when it was repaired for competition so long ago. Come take a closer look at this fascinating time capsule with us on the following page…

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Random Vintage Targa Floria Race Photos

October 28, 2016 in American / English / French / General Discussion / German / Italian / Japanese / Race Car / Video

In this feature we have plucked 130 random photos of the classic Targa Florio race from ‘s 1,642 page thread. The open road rally-esque race was held on the public mountain roads of Sicily beginning in 1906. By 1977’s last race, it was declared “totally insane” by driver Helmut Marko because of the high speeds the race cars would achieve while ripping within inches of spectators standing on the streets without any protection between them. Throughout it’s history, miraculously only 9 people total were killed during the race, drivers included. But rather than focus on the morbid, how about we take a moment to celebrate the courageous drivers of the past from before the time of stringent safety concerns for them or their audience. And also marvel at the gorgeous war weapons that were brought out to duke it out with in the heat of battle for the overall championship title. Those were the days of guts and glory, a romantic period of time when cars were designed by artisans with vision rather than lawyers with restrictions. The drivers were fat and their tires were thin, as the saying goes. Please continue onto the following page for the featured pictorial …

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Survivor Saturday: 1962 Facel Vega Facel II Coupe

October 20, 2016 in American / Barn Find / French / Survivor

This gorgeous dirt covered 1962 Facel Vega Facel II Coupe caught our attention as the perfect vehicle to feature for the subject of our Survivor Saturday profile. Upon first glance, it appeared to be a Maserati Mexico or a Ferrari 250 PF Coupe to us, but then that unique ornate grill gave up it’s identity as to it’s French rather than Italian origins. It’s history is quite interesting, both of this particular car and of the manufacturer, as well. It turns out that this vehicle had been sitting inside a wooden barn in Missouri for the past 40 years, having only covered 31,152 total miles before it was stored away. In fact, this rare Franco-American car is still wearing what’s thought to be it’s original Peacock Blue paint under all of that dirt that it has accumulated while tucked away in exclusion, hiding from marque experts who had written it off as lost forever. As we scan through the photos, we can’t help but wonder if the radio stations are still preset from the time when it was last driven, and how such an elegant, rare car gets banished to solitary confinement for so many years. With such a time capsule, our questions start building up as quickly as our imaginations run away from us…

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Most Beautiful Race Car Of All Time?

October 12, 2016 in American / English / French / German / Italian / Japanese / Race Car

David Malsher at recently asked his readers their own personal opinion of “the most beautiful race cars of all time”. The question is not limited to his own audience, so how about we join in, too? He requested that only 5 are picked at most, and the best replies will appear in an upcoming February follow up story with the chance at some prizes. The trick is that he asks that you try and be objective with your decisions and not choose only cars that have a winning competitive history that may have influenced your own personal reasons for picking them. Normally we are told not to judge a book by it’s cover, but in this case that is exactly what we are being asked to do here.
1 Maserati Bird Cage

PART 2 of Abandoned Cars: A Sad, Sad Pictorial

September 7, 2016 in American / English / French / General Discussion / German / Italian / Japanese / Movie Car / Race Car

#Here we have a continuation of the “Abandoned Cars: A Sad, Sad Pictorial” feature we did not too long ago. A few from that past post may have sneaked their way into today’s segment that we have overlooked, but what we find most interesting is that that we have featured 2 of the basket cases here as restoration projects. The goal, of course, is to track down and find the remaining to showcase on our site. Until then…

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1986 Renault R5 Turbo 2 Restoration Video

August 26, 2016 in Build In Progress / French / Home Garage Build / Video

We have been looking for a good Renault R5 Turbo restoration to feature here for some time now, so we were happy to have come across this video. Nothing speaks louder to us than box flares, a roll cage and BBS rims all wrapped up in a mid engine, rear drive platform, especially when that vehicle was originally sold as a front wheel drive econo box. Would that qualify it as a “sleeper”? Normally yes, but in this case not a chance in hell. After all, you did see those flares, right?
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Vintage Race Car Hauler Pictures

July 13, 2016 in American / French / General Discussion / German / Italian / Japanese / Race Car

We always love a good ‘ol vintage car pictorial to scroll through, especially when the subject is race car related. There is just something about seeing the haphazard way that things used to be done that gives us a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside. We hope you enjoy looking at this feature of Vintage Race Car Hauler Pictures as much as we did in finding them.

0 - 1 -Helldrivers - Toronto Canasa - 1970

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Factory Photos

May 23, 2016 in American / Build In Progress / English / Factory Photos / Factory Tour / French / General Discussion / German / Italian / Japanese / Race Car

With your help, we would like to develop a new category that features vintage and current factory photos. We always enjoy seeing cars in their manufacturing phases or during their restorations and modifications. That is ultimately the reason for this site’s existence, so what could be more fitting than having them all together and categorized here in their own section? Until then,please enjoy the few photos we actually have gathered up so far on the following page and if you have something interesting to include, please put a link to them in the “Comments” section below, or e-mail them to us at [email protected] for us to include and update here. Help us make this into a new category booming with an assortment of factory and shop pictures of all types of vehicles from all different time periods, OEM or aftermarket.

1956 Ferrari Factory 1

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Abandoned Cars: A Sad, Sad Pictorial

April 27, 2016 in American / Barn Find / English / French / General Discussion / German / Italian / Japanese / Race Car / Replica/Tribute Build / Swedish / Sympathetic Restoration / Uncategorized

Warning: The following page contains graphic photos of neglected, abandoned and generally mistreated rare and exotic sports cars. The majority are vintage, but there are a few later model years included too that have deteriorated at an extremely quick rate. All car enthusiasts should prepare themselves for feelings of grief, anguish, and confusion along with questions of disbelief for what is about to be witnessed, if one indeed does decide to proceed with this disturbing endeavor any further. The photos were all sourced from a three part series on with no further information provided other than the actual pictures themselves. We recognize a few as well known historic cars which have since been saved, while others languish in automotive purgatory, their whereabouts unbeknownst to anybody but the lone soul who snapped their picture and the misguided derelict who so callously left them behind for dead. If only we could be so omniscient as to know the exact location and story behind each and every one of them and feature their resurrection process here, our mission in this universe would finally be complete. Until then, at best all that we can do is hope that each has a rescue story with a happy ending. 116 photos, and no explanation of even one of them in sight. When you are ready, please proceed with extreme precaution by hitting the “Continue reading” tab below. You have been fore-warned…
We have included a few of the more notable cars below. You may find all 116 by clicking on each one individually in the right hand column.

Great Video on AFTER/DRIVE :Lightweight Sports Cars Are The Future

April 6, 2016 in American / English / French / General Discussion / German / Italian / Japanese / Swedish / Video

#Here is a subject that we beat to death on our site over and over again: a car’s weight. We discuss it in one form or another in what seems like each and every one of our featured posts. The reason why is because the performance cars of today have gotten far too bloated in size, heavy in weight and complicated with electronic gizmos over the years.
Rather than reiterate everything that we have said before here once again, we have included this recent video from the guys at AFTER/DRIVE which absolutely nails every point that CarBuildIndex ultimately stands for. It hits upon topics which we hope to see in our car world’s near future, as well.
This half hour video interview is well worth watching for all car enthusiasts from every car culture background. After, please feel free to join in a discussion in the “Comments” section on the next page.



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VIDEO: J&L Fabricating on eGarage

March 17, 2016 in American / Barn Find / Build In Progress / Engine Swap / English / French / General Discussion / German / Home Garage Build / Italian / Japanese / Modification Thread / Race Car / Replica/Tribute Build / Restoration Shop / Sleeper / Swedish / Sympathetic Restoration / Video

eGarage & DonVintage present this video profile of a renowned yet humble fabrication shop in the quiet town of Puyallup, Washington that rebuilds and restores vintage race cars. This is one of the most inspiring classic car documentaries that we have ever seen, so we felt we had to share it with our audience as well, naturally. Working for J&L Fabricating would be every true car-guy’s dream job. Enjoy…


1999 Peugeot 106 to GTi Track Day Build

January 6, 2016 in Build In Progress / Engine Swap / French / Home Garage Build / Modification Thread / Restoration

I am re-posting this story which originally appeared on December 1st, 2014 to entice CBI readers to send in their own builds and restorations. The good, the bad, the ugly, the drop dead gorgeous, the expensive, the cheap, the mega horsepower, the sewing machine powered, we want em all. And if it has a roll bar, extra brownie [email protected]
This 1999 Peugeot 106 is the subject of a GTi build thread on by its owner, forum member “Marv_106”. We always enjoy checking out hot hatches when undergoing a proper street/track day treatment, especially in a scenario such as this where it’s being done very tastefully and is a bit exotic considering we never got them on our shores here in the U.S. It already had a few modifications when he bought it which included Speedline wheels, a lowered suspension (unspecified), an induction kit and 306 GTi-6 brakes, making it a good base to start even though in the end all of those items got tossed in favor of more circuit oriented gear. Check it out with us in more detail on the following page…

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THE TOP 15 POSTS OF 2015: #4- The Pur Sang Replica of a Bugatti Type 35

December 31, 2015 in French / Race Car / Replica/Tribute Build / Top Story of the Week / Video


This gorgeous Bugatti Type 35 wheeled it’s way onto Jay Leno’s Garage is actually a replica that was recently built in Argentina by Pur Sang, rather than in 1926 France, as the original. Using the word “replica” or “recreation” normally has an unflattering stigma attached to it, so we hesitate to use the term here before actually defending the subject vehicle, even though the pictures of this car really should speak for themselves. Pur Sang’s replicas are legit. They are so legit, in fact, that Bugatti themselves even recognize the craftsman by building their own Pur Sang limited edition version of the modern Veyron supercar. Furthermore, just the fact that Jay Leno had one on his show should be enough proof because we all know that he would not have some VW Bug-based display of poor taste on it, after all. In any case, it’s apparent that we get a bit defensive around those normally-disrespectful words, but the case has been made, so let’s move on, shall we?…

The Minnestora Facel, by Wallace Wyss

December 14, 2015 in Barn Find / French / guest contributor / Patina / Reader Submission / Survivor / Wallace Wyss


[Editor’s Note: Before we start, if you have been with us a while then you might recognize this car and these photos. We previously did a feature on it before but we still couldn’t turn down the opportunity of another tale about it told by Wallace Wyss from his own unique perspective, so here it is.]

Now one of my rules of barn finding (I write the Incredible Barn Finds series of books wherein I dispense lots of advice) is that you look where no one else is looking.

Like Minnesota for an exotic like the Facel II, made by Facel Vega, a French firm.

That’s because when things break on an odd foreign car, a brand that no one in the vicinity has ever seen, such cars tend to be parked.

In the barn.


Well, in this case somehow Mark Hyman, a famous classic car dealer, found it and took it to the homeland of the Facel cars, France, and sold it at the Artcurial auction for a pretty penny, despite the fact it was still lookin’ like it just came out of the barn.  Continue reading →

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