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1973 Brumos Porsche 911 S Current Restoration/Build Thread

January 9, 2017 in Build In Progress / Engine Swap / German / Home Garage Build / Race Car / Restoration

There’s a really interesting 1973 Porsche 911 S home garage build thread currently unfolding on PellicanParts.com, which can be found linked on the following page. For those of you who want to be caught up to date with the Cliff Notes version first, all you got to do is continue reading here for the highlights before jumping in. The project starts with a long hood which was originally built by Florida based championship race winning Brumos Porsche as their own iteration of a factory lightweight RS or Clubsport package car. It includes an actual genuine “retired” IROC 3.0 RSR engine that was first installed back in ’74, the crown jewel of this project. Since it is being rebuilt as a street car still, forum member/car owner “chriskimmelshue” is keeping it’s electric sunroof and windows, heat and carpet and is building it exactly to his spec, regardless of others are suggesting he does with the rare race engine or original Brumos history, and here’s how it is going down…

1986 Lancia Delta Integrale Restoration

December 29, 2016 in Home Garage Build / Italian

This 1986 Lancia Delta Integrale 8V was the subject of a restoration on guy-croft.com by it’s owner, forum member “samo”. To be quite honest, we thought the thread was pretty boring and tedious to read and we are thinking that most of you would think the same thing too. It is really meant for the absolute die-hard Delta Integrale fan boy because it is really just too lengthy and goes into far too much unnecessary detail for anybody else. Sometimes that works when a car is being modified with upgraded performance parts during it’s restoration, but when it is being rebuilt back to stock we are thinking we don’t need all of the intricate particulars. We decided to include it here because we have always loved these cars growing up. Now we just like watching them being torn apart and rebuilt by maniacs possessed with obsessive-compulsive disorders, especially when finished to such a high standard as this one. In any case, find this Lancia Delta Integrale restoration thread’s key photos here along with a bit of the model’s competition-bred history in the story below…


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VIDEO: Lamborghini Countach Restoration

October 24, 2016 in Home Garage Build / Italian / Video

Though not a word is spoken in the following video, none is necessary as the pictures in this Lamborghini Countach restoration video do all of the talking for the first 1/3 of the film. The remaining is filled with epic in-car driving footage and also a cackling-engine-popping-noise soundtrack that will make any vintage Italian car nut swoon. We particularly like the way he is able to manipulate the car in and out of the garage with only millimeters to spare. Speaking of garage, there is what looks like a Porsche 993 RS lurking inside as a stablemate. We appreciate the discriminating taste and expert craftsmanship of this home garage builder/restorer, who goes by “Countachtv” on YouTube. Enjoy.

Help a Man with Lymphoma Fund His Dream:1965 Lotus Elan Restoration

September 27, 2016 in Build In Progress / English / General Discussion / Home Garage Build

We ran across this story on http://jalopnik.com/ where 2 sons in Ann Arbor, Michigan are asking for donations to help them fund their father’s dream of finishing his 1965 Lotus Elan restoration. Robert Tischler is battling stage III Hodgkins Lymphoma and has become non responsive to his chemotherapy. He is a gearhead of the truest form, having started his Lotus restoration in the early 80’s but having to shelve it before completion because of work obligations and a new family. Without the means to do it themselves, the sons ask that he be given the opportunity to finish his dream with our help, with promises of video updates of the Lotus’s restoration work and progress along the way. The pledge ends in a few days on January 11th, and they have so far reached $3,297 out of the $5,000 needed for parts to start the project. The countdown is on, let’s pull together and do what we can to help.
Find their Indiegogo project page copied on the following page, with a link to it at the bottom.

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1988 Volkswagen GTI Restoration

September 26, 2016 in German / Home Garage Build / Modification Thread

This 1988 Volkswagen MK2 Golf GTI was the subject of a restoration project on http://www.clubgti.com/content.php by it’s owner/restorer, forum member “SMc”. The thread is extremely short and doesn’t go into a ton of detail, but a fair amount of photographs tell what’s necessary of the 3 1/2 year restoration story. As vintage VW fans ourselves, this one ticked all of the right boxes for us. A quick scroll to the end showed us everything we needed to know to decide if we wanted to include it here…let’s see, what do we have here: Euro bumpers and grill with Hella H4’s, a 16 valve front chin spoiler and a roof mounted Fuba antannae, all tastefully lowered on BBS RA 15×6 rims. Done, that’s alll ya had to say.

2003 Mercedes Benz G500 Expedition Build

September 1, 2016 in German / Home Garage Build / Modification Thread

This 2003 Mercedes Benz G500 was the subject of a recent build thread on http://www.expeditionportal.com/ by forum member “mk216v” in Oregon. After selling his 1980 300GD, he picked up this later model-year version and set about customizing it with all of the do-dads necessary for an extreme expedition vessel build. Considering the nature of the project at hand, his first order of business was to de-suburbanize it by removing all of it’s badges and shiny chrome bits and then powder coating them all in satin black to give it an overall more purposeful off-roader look. We are always big fans of these vehicles when they are returned to their all terrain roots rather than left in the shopping mall configuration that they have been sold in from the factory in recent years. Granted, even stock G Wagons are apt off roaders straight off the showroom floor, but it’s always preferable to see them being enhanced to take advantage of their true original purpose. Follow along with us on the next page for a deeper look of this one’s return to grace…

1995 BMW M3 Hill Climb Race Car Build

August 30, 2016 in German / Home Garage Build / Modification Thread / Race Car / Video

This 1995 BMW E36 M3 was the subject of a build thread on http://www.bimmerforums.com/ by forum member “bimmerbumm193” (real name is Kendrick). In it, he set out to build a race car on a budget to compete in his local Weatherly Hill Climb in Pennsylvania. We at CBI always appreciate a dual purpose street/race car, especially when it has tasteful mods such as this car and is daily driven. After all, what true car enthusiast doesn’t respect a properly set up black on black M3 with a roll bar and race parts? We couldn’t agree more.

1986 Renault R5 Turbo 2 Restoration Video

August 26, 2016 in Build In Progress / French / Home Garage Build / Video

We have been looking for a good Renault R5 Turbo restoration to feature here for some time now, so we were happy to have come across this video. Nothing speaks louder to us than box flares, a roll cage and BBS rims all wrapped up in a mid engine, rear drive platform, especially when that vehicle was originally sold as a front wheel drive econo box. Would that qualify it as a “sleeper”? Normally yes, but in this case not a chance in hell. After all, you did see those flares, right?
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2005 Mercedes Benz G500 Off Road Build

August 22, 2016 in Factory Photos / German / Home Garage Build / Modification Thread

This is a short but sweet build thread featuring a 2005 Mercedes Benz G500.  We have been wanting to spotlight a G Wagon build for some time now, but always seem to come up short when trying to find a worthy subject. Maybe that’s because we are more interested in finding one that has been built up with the intention of going on an off-road expedition rather than the overwhelming majority which have been pimped out with silly bling mods. Mercedes Benz originally built them as military vehicles, then offered them for sale to the general public in 1979. It’s unfortunate that the most off roading the majority of G Wagons will ever do is when their trophy wife owner is backing one of them out of the driveway and into a flower garden, not that we have anything against trophy wives. In any case, before we stick our other foot in our mouth too, we finally have one to talk about here that has been built up with some solid modifications, exactly how we like them.


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Ferrari Challenge Stradale 6 Speed Manual Conversion Build Thread

June 30, 2016 in Build In Progress / Home Garage Build / Italian / Modification Thread / Race Car

This Ferrari 360 is the subject of a DIY project on FerrariChat.com to build it up as a 6 speed manual Challenge Stradale. As you are most likely already aware, the CS’s were all built as F1 paddle shifts, with the exception of only 1 made from the factory as a manual. You may remember this car’s owner, 360Trev, from our feature of his brilliant, fully functioning exact model car replica build of a 312PB. Find it’s link here at: http://www.carbuildindex.com/14547/fully-functional-ferrari-312pb-model-toy-car/. If you missed it’s feature a few weeks ago, be sure to watch it today, it is remarkable and makes us feel like quite the dullards in comparison.
Follow along with us on the next page as we include a huge majority of his Fchat build photos for your viewing pleasure, which are not normally accessible unless you are a member.

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200th Post CBI Celebration in the Form of a 70’s Custom Van Pictorial

June 24, 2016 in American / General Discussion / Home Garage Build

For our 200th published post, we wanted to do something a little special and out of the ordinary. We thought what could be better than a post featuring 70’s customized vans? Rather than follow one from start to finish during a restoration, behold 55 pictures on the following page of an assortment of custom rigs with air-brushed unicorns, wizards, warlocks and crashing wave scenarios. From the factory, these rigs were a virtual blank canvas for the imaginations of the era’s psychedelic artists and craftsmen, and now looking back at them they surely represented that time period with flying colors, not to mention shag carpeting, bubble windows, CB radios, louvers, captain chairs and of course, beds. Water beds if were so inclined. And if the f*#k truck has a name, all the better.
So, that’s it folks for the rest of the weekend, enjoy the pictures and keep on truckin‘! Don’t come a knockin’ if the trucks a rockin‘. (Raises hands above head, drops mike and walks off stage)…


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VIDEO: One Car Do It All

June 23, 2016 in General Discussion / German / Home Garage Build / Race Car / Video

Here is a great video about one man’s quest to have one car that can do it all: one that he can pack up and drive to the track, race and then drive home in, and enjoy for recreational weekend driving. We often ask ourselves what the ultimate car would be that could achieve the same goals, and frequently come up with an answer which is freakishly close to what Jack Olsen has done here. In this case the car is “Black Beauty”, a ’72 Porsche 911 built up with RSR bodywork, a ’95 993 engine and a host of other go fast goodies picked from other model years. We don’t want to give away any more, so we hope you enjoy the video as much as we did…



Fully Functional Ferrari 312PB Model “Toy” Car by 360Trev

June 10, 2016 in Home Garage Build / Italian / Video

Let us take a moment out of our regular schedule and present to you this video of possibly the coolest “toy” we have ever seen, one which was certainly not built intended for a ham fisted child to smash up and slobber all over. This one was built more intended for an adult to slobber all over. But before we go changing our name to ToyCarBuildIndex.com, perhaps we should redefine the term “toy” which has so haphazardly been applied here, and rightfully so. This scaled down Ferrari 312 PB was created and completed entirely by one person from start to finish over the duration of 15 years, and has a working flat 12 cylinder engine with 24 valves and dry sump lubrication system, just like the real race car, which actually drives the rear wheels. That means that the manual transmission actually works and it even has a reverse gear. Our mouths drop wide open every time we watch this video, which we have been ogling for years now. We felt it was finally time for us to be mature adults and share our video with our viewer friends, as well so please enjoy but please please be careful with it.

Find 360Trev’s Ferrari Challenge Stradale paddle shift to 6 speed manual modification build thread HERE, which is equally as impressive, but in full size.


1968 Chevrolet Camaro T/A Custom Build From Sweden

June 7, 2016 in American / Engine Swap / Home Garage Build / Modification Thread

This sinister looking 1968 Chevy Camaro T/A is the subject of a build thread on Pro-touring.com by it’s owner, forum member “Openers” in Sweden.
The thread-in-progress walks you through the thought process of the project car owner’s decision-making. We like his philosophy that “if you need turbos, NOS or superchargers, you’ve built too small of an engine from the beginning”. Obviously this is a guy who likes honking big American V8 muscle, in this case a 407 cubic inch engine with All Pro cylinder heads and titanium valves.

1955 Chevy Gasser Build Project

June 6, 2016 in American / Engine Swap / Home Garage Build / Modification Thread / Sympathetic Restoration / Video

This 1955 Chevy “Gasser” is the subject of a build thread on pirate4x4.com by it’s owner, forum member “Chopperman”, linked at the bottom of this page. It is a true 3 generation family project, as he has his son and dad assisting in the build too. The thread is packed with photos and videos that keep it interesting and entertaining, making it a quick read. He originally built this Chevy with his father in the early 1980’s while he was still in high school, and raced it every possible Wednesday and Saturday night. The current plan this time around was to make it a Gasser without cutting up the original stock body work, with the exception being fabrication of a front sub frame. We always appreciate a build that remains largely modified in-period, but certain exceptions are always acceptable. In the case here, the modifications were not targeting any specific time period, but it does look largely from a vintage era, which we much prefer over most resto-mods that garnish over-sized chrome bling wheels. Ultimately, final decisions always come down to personal preference, but with this particular project, overall we are liking what we see.


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1968 Dodge Charger R/T Restoration

June 3, 2016 in American / Home Garage Build

This 1968 Dodge Charger R/T has undergone a full nut and bolt rotisserie restoration, including a color change. It’s build is posted at www.forbbodiesonly.com by it’s owner/restorer who goes by the name “ChargerMoneyPit”. With a user name like that, we may not need to point out that this project took a bit more cash than than he had originally anticipated. Hey, we are just happy this car was saved from some horrendous General Lee livery, as so many of these unfortunately meet their untimely early demise. Let’s have a moment of silence as we pour Jack Daniels on the ground and pay our respects for those fallen soldiers who have…


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Exploded Parts View Pictures

May 20, 2016 in Build In Progress / Engine Swap / General Discussion / Home Garage Build / Italian / Japanese / Modification Thread / Race Car / Replica/Tribute Build / Restoration Shop

We have come across a great segment on http://www.build-threads.com/ which features photos of car,  (a) plane and motorcycle parts laid out for expanded views before their builds. We would like to build upon (see what we did there?) this base and create a new section on this site that will be dedicated to the subject and linked on the front page. If you know of any, then please by all means send them to us at [email protected], or include a link to them in the “Comments” section on the following page. Credit will be received and the universe will be a better place because of it. We thank you, in advance.
Here’s a 2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1 Engine in all of it’s glory:
2012 Chevy ZL1-Powertrain-8-Cylinder-LSA

1982 BMW 528e Powered by an S52 M3 Engine: Full Resto/Mod

May 18, 2016 in Engine Swap / German / Home Garage Build

This 1982 BMW 528e is the subject of a full resto/mod on https://sites.google.com/site/straightsixbimmers/ . The project started originally with a plan to find an e28 and build it up with an engine swap into an interesting daily driver, something with a little “pizzazz”, shall we say? We understand, as we are big fans of early BMW’s with their large green houses and sporty designs, a huge improvement over today’s Bangle-ized incarnations, in our opinion. In other words, we like what this venture is all about and wonder if in 30 years from now today’s BMW designs will have the same type of following…
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