Vintage Automotive Sales Literature and Brochure Photos

March 20, 2017 in American / English / Factory Photos / French / General Discussion / German / Italian / Japanese / Swedish

It’s always entertaining to take a look back at the way things used to be done in the automotive business with a gander at yesteryear’s sales literature and brochure photos. Although we still have magazine advertising and car brochures today, we don’t rely on them any longer for a definitive source of information since the invent of the internet, of course. The question really is, how much longer will these ancient relics continue being printed? Even when they are all finally extinct, we will still have the internet to view them on…


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Koenigsegg Factory Visit

February 23, 2017 in Build In Progress / Factory Tour / Swedish

As a follow up to our other day’s feature of a Koenigsegg One:1’s final build steps for the Geneva Auto Show, we thought it would only be appropriate to take a further look inside their Angelhom, Sweden based factory. Jalopnik.com’s GFWilliams took the following additional photos, which we are sure you will agree just never seems to get old looking at. It’s always interesting to see how a modern super car is made in between the majority of vintage car builds that we feature here, regardless of where your loyalty ultimately lies. Find the talented photographer’s collection of pictures on the next page, then be sure to check out his work in his Facebook link after.


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Abandoned Cars: A Sad, Sad Pictorial

April 27, 2016 in American / Barn Find / English / French / General Discussion / German / Italian / Japanese / Race Car / Replica/Tribute Build / Swedish / Sympathetic Restoration / Uncategorized

Warning: The following page contains graphic photos of neglected, abandoned and generally mistreated rare and exotic sports cars. The majority are vintage, but there are a few later model years included too that have deteriorated at an extremely quick rate. All car enthusiasts should prepare themselves for feelings of grief, anguish, and confusion along with questions of disbelief for what is about to be witnessed, if one indeed does decide to proceed with this disturbing endeavor any further. The photos were all sourced from a three part series on http://motoresanu.blogspot.it with no further information provided other than the actual pictures themselves. We recognize a few as well known historic cars which have since been saved, while others languish in automotive purgatory, their whereabouts unbeknownst to anybody but the lone soul who snapped their picture and the misguided derelict who so callously left them behind for dead. If only we could be so omniscient as to know the exact location and story behind each and every one of them and feature their resurrection process here, our mission in this universe would finally be complete. Until then, at best all that we can do is hope that each has a rescue story with a happy ending. 116 photos, and no explanation of even one of them in sight. When you are ready, please proceed with extreme precaution by hitting the “Continue reading” tab below. You have been fore-warned…
We have included a few of the more notable cars below. You may find all 116 by clicking on each one individually in the right hand column.

Great Video on AFTER/DRIVE :Lightweight Sports Cars Are The Future

April 6, 2016 in American / English / French / General Discussion / German / Italian / Japanese / Swedish / Video

#Here is a subject that we beat to death on our site over and over again: a car’s weight. We discuss it in one form or another in what seems like each and every one of our featured posts. The reason why is because the performance cars of today have gotten far too bloated in size, heavy in weight and complicated with electronic gizmos over the years.
Rather than reiterate everything that we have said before here once again, we have included this recent video from the guys at AFTER/DRIVE which absolutely nails every point that CarBuildIndex ultimately stands for. It hits upon topics which we hope to see in our car world’s near future, as well.
This half hour video interview is well worth watching for all car enthusiasts from every car culture background. After, please feel free to join in a discussion in the “Comments” section on the next page.



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1967 Volvo 122S by VClassics Motorsport for LaCarrera Panamericana‏

March 29, 2016 in Race Car / Sleeper / Swedish

This 1967 Volvo 122S was the subject of a race car build by VClassics Motorsport for Apple Farmer Racing in Royal City, Washington. The car had originally been built for running in the 2007 LaCarrera Panamericana, but unfortunately it retired early after engine problems arose. It’s owner brought it to VClassics with the intention of having them prep just a few little items for another stab at the race but it was clear to them that the car would need quite a bit more work than originally anticipated to make it competitive.

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VIDEO: J&L Fabricating on eGarage

March 17, 2016 in American / Barn Find / Build In Progress / Engine Swap / English / French / General Discussion / German / Home Garage Build / Italian / Japanese / Modification Thread / Race Car / Replica/Tribute Build / Restoration Shop / Sleeper / Swedish / Sympathetic Restoration / Video

eGarage & DonVintage present this video profile of a renowned yet humble fabrication shop in the quiet town of Puyallup, Washington that rebuilds and restores vintage race cars. This is one of the most inspiring classic car documentaries that we have ever seen, so we felt we had to share it with our audience as well, naturally. Working for J&L Fabricating would be every true car-guy’s dream job. Enjoy…


1995 Volvo T5-R Sleeper Build

January 11, 2016 in Modification Thread / Race Car / Sleeper / Swedish

This 1995 Volvo T5-R sedan is the subject of a sleeper car project thread on Swedespeed.com by  forum member “VOLVO LOVER”. There he documents the on-line build of his 591 hp and 524 ft-lb’s of torque, 5 cylinder beast that he uses as a demonstrator vehicle for his shop “RT Mechanicals” in the UK. The garage is conveniently located next to the Goodwood race track, a place where he has honed his mechanical skills while working for a Porsche GT 2 Le Mans team in previous years, and more currently a place he uses for shake down runs of his T5-R monster.

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Whenever Possible, I Choose Banged Up Originality Over Restorations Every Time

September 16, 2015 in American / Barn Find / Concours Show / Design / English / Featured / French / General Discussion / German / Italian / Japanese / Patina / Race Car / Restoration / Survivor / Swedish / Sympathetic Restoration

By David Greenbaum
In our vintage car hobby, it is common practice to run across a classic car that has received a restoration of varying degree, in fact in more cases than not, but in my humble opinion it is far too often to find one that has been overly restored. It seems that the higher the car’s value, the more likely it is that they have received a restoration to a far higher standard than they had ever had from when they left the factory when new, whether we are speaking of an Italian made Ferrari, an American Shelby Cobra or possibly even a French Talbot-Lago. Within the last decade or so, though, there has been a movement towards honoring all-original “survivor” cars, and even the Pebble Beach Concours D’ Elegance now has a category for them at their world class show. In fact, judges now even deduct points for inaccuracies in over restorations. This new trend is changing the way we look at classic cars, literally, and I for one am all for it.
While you will never see me complain about saving a classic car that was destitute for the dumpster had it not been saved from the scrap heap by a nice restoration job, there are an unfortunate number of cars that receive unnecessary rejuvenations that would otherwise have been able to share their original story through patina, something that is hard earned over decades of use but can be wiped away forever so easily…

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Classic Volvo 740 Turbo Wagon Ad Campaign

August 11, 2014 in Featured / Swedish

Sold between the 1985 and 1989 model years, Volvo 740 Turbo wagons had an imaginative ad campaign whose pictures spoke volumes without having to resort to words, although their one-liners have proved to be classics. Check them out on the next page, and be sure not to miss the link to Hemmings.com’s behind the scenes story titled “Hauling, and Hauling! Volvo’s ads for the 740 Turbo Wagon” following right after…

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Side by Side Old vs. New Car Photos

July 30, 2014 in American / English / Featured / French / German / guest contributor / Italian / Japanese / Swedish

RanWhenParked.net shares their recent 2 part series on the following page which takes a look at side by shots of modern cars right next to their vintage ancestors. It’s easy to see how bloated cars have become in this day and age when comparing them so closely, although many of the manufacturer’s photographers have disguised the newer cars larger proportions by the angle of their shots…
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Super Car Sunday Photos from 6-15-2014

June 18, 2014 in American / Barn Find / Engine Swap / English / Featured / French / General Discussion / German / Home Garage Build / Italian / Japanese / Patina / Race Car / Replica/Tribute Build / Sleeper / Survivor / Swedish

On the following page are a few shots that I snapped at the weekly Super Car Sunday meet held in Woodland Hills, California. It was an eclectic mix of late model and classic cars, including the debut of the new Alfa Romeo 4C that showed up looking particularly stellar. Even with carrying a few hundred extra pounds over it’s European-spec counterparts by use of thicker carbon fiber, heavier US spec airbags and other standard features such as air conditioning and stereo, it still hits the scales at under 2,500 pounds. Help us grow at CarBuildIndex.com so that we can make one the official vehicle of the site 🙂 Find all of Sunday’s pictures on the following page, and watch an Alfa 4C being built in our previous feature HERE.

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Canepa Design

May 22, 2014 in American / Build In Progress / Engine Swap / English / French / General Discussion / German / Italian / Japanese / Movie Car / Race Car / Restoration / Restoration Shop / Swedish / Video

Check out Canepa Design’s current weekly shop walk-through video below, then be prepared for additional sensory overload with 60 photos from egarage.com’s past visit from their interview with the man himself, Bruce, linked on the next page. Some stuff is just too good for words, or maybe that’s because it’s not possible to speak with our jaws dropped to the ground, so enjoy the following as we sit here in utter gawking silence…

For Sale: Paul Newman’s ’95 Volvo 960 Wagon with Supercharged 5.0 V8 Engine Swap

December 1, 2013 in Engine Swap / Sleeper / Swedish / Video

While we normally do not feature cars here that are for sale, we had to make a rare exception after we ran across Paul Newman’s Supercharged 5.0 V8-converted 1995 Volvo 960 station wagon on DailyTurismo.com. In fact, we made another one of those “rare” exceptions for one of his other cars previously with our feature of his ’63 Bug convertible that had a mid mounted Indy car engine, which can be found in “Related Links” at the bottom of the following page. Seems the guy had a real penchant for Ford V8 engine swaps. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. This was a guy who used to trailer his race cars up to Mulholland Drive back in the day and street race them on the famous curvy stretch of mountain road when he wasn’t busy with his professional racing or acting careers. James Dean, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, and now Paul Walker, all prominent Hollywood actors who loved driving the hell out of their sports cars (and wagons) more than anything else, RIP.
We have included DailyTurismo’s story in italics on the following page, which can be found linked at the end.