March 1982 Motor Trend test of the Neuspeed APS VW Rabbit “Thunder Bunny”

December 19, 2015 in German / Tuner


It’s always fun to take a look back at the early days of a tuner’s showcase vehicle exhibiting all of the top choice modifications available at the time thrown at it. Even to this day, this APS Neuspeed Rabbit “Thunder Bunny” hosts some impressive hardware, including a 2 liter 16 valve Oettinger engine as the center piece. Don’t miss the custom bolstered Scheel rear seats to match the fronts, and what VW wouldn’t be complete without the requisite MOMO steering wheel and BBS rims? Although we recently featured another magazine’s test of the same car, we figured you wouldn’t mind checking it out one more time. Makes us wonder, where is it now??

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High School Dreaming- October 1986 VW & Porsche Featuring Neuspeed GTI

November 23, 2015 in German / Tuner / What I Found Today

While I was never into body kits, wings or body painted wheels and mirrors on my GTI, this Neuspeed car epitomized every performance modification I ever wanted on my ’86. I remember staring at this article from the October 1986 issue of VW & Porsche during classes in high school for whole periods at a time, day dreaming about how much terror I could be bringing to Mulholland Drive with the thing if I didn’t have to be in class at the time…

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Alfaholics Alfa Romeo 1750 Boat Tail Restoration/Build

August 31, 2015 in Build Site / Italian / Modification Thread / Restoration / Restoration Shop / Shop / Tuner


When Alfaholics in the U.K. take on an Alfa Romeo restoration, they don’t mess around, especially when the client supplies them with what appears to be an open check book. With all of the custom parts on hand to restore and modify this 1750 Spider any way they see fit, it’s no surprise this Avorio on burgundy leather boat tail ended up with a virtual plethora of jaw dropping performance bits that consist of the following specifications:

  • Alfaholics GTA-R Suspension Package
  • Alfaholics GTA-R Brake Package (4-pot version)
  • Alfaholics 155BHP 1750 Engine built from original matching numbers engine with its original 40mm Webers
  • Alfaholics lightweight steel flywheel, Alfaholics propshaft, Alfaholics LSD
  • Alfaholics s/s sports exhaust
  • Alfaholics 7×15″ GTA Wheels with custom paint finish
  • Wilton Wool carpets with correct Spider heel mat logos
  • Full burgundy leather interior with custom sports seats, bespoke made leather door cards and rear seat drape, all Alfa plastic trim cappings and dashboard wrapped in charcoal leather
  • Boot fully boarded out and trimmed in Wilton wool carpet
  • Alfaholics billet aluminium pedal set

Check out the build pictures on the next page that began with a rusty Florida car…
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1992 BMW Alpina B12 5.0 Restoration

May 20, 2015 in Build In Progress / German / Home Garage Build / Restoration / Tuner

This 1992 BMW Alpina B12 5.0 is the subject of a restoration on bimmerforums.com by its owner, forum member “rogbmw”.  Alpina built a total of only 97 of these modified V12 850i models, all of which came with 4 speed automatics with LSD and had mild engine mods bringing them to 350 hp and 470 NM of torque. Throw in their normal sporty gran touring shocks and springs along with 18″ wheels and customized interior/exterior accents and you have an unmistakably recognizable package as unique to the German tuner. This example was recently imported to the U.S. from Japan as none of them were ever originally officially delivered here, and the painstaking process of having it completed legally with all of the proper documentation and paperwork has taken well over two years, so far. The car had only 23,000 miles when he purchased it a few years back, although because “the Japanese weather is hard on silver paint”, the main topic of the thread was initially going to be documenting its complete repaint in the original color. That was the plan to begin with, at least, although as the end of the build thread approaches 19 pages there doesn’t appear to be any part of the car that hasn’t been given a complete rebuild or restoration. As the saying goes, no rock has been left unturned. So, let’s take a look at how the beginning of the project unfolds on the following page, shall we?…
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A Personal Connection- 1988 BMW M6 Dinan Turbo For Sale on BaT

May 14, 2015 in For Sale / General Discussion / German / Tuner

1This non-running 1988 BMW M6 modified with Dinan Turbo charged engine and suspension package was just put up for sale today by auction on Bringatrailer.com. While all of the car’s details can be found in the link provided on the following page, what they won’t tell you in the description is my own personal experience with this particular car from over 25 years ago. As soon as I read that it had originally been built for former Tonight Show bandleader Doc Severinsen, I knew this was the very car that I’ve been in. In a high speed pursuit…

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A Build Worth Checking Out: 1976 Dodge Dart Lite by Hotchkis Performance

April 16, 2015 in American / Build In Progress / Engine Swap / Race Car / Tuner

We thought we’d point you in the right direction of a 1976 Dodge Dart Lite that is being built up right now with the finishing touches by Hotchkis Performance. Bangshift.com featured the project recently, which is powered by a late model 6.4 Hemi engine swap and all of the chassis, suspension and brake upgrades to match. While we normally prefer less of a resto-mod appearance and more period correct go-fast components, we can appreciate this build for what it is since it will be seeing action at Pikes Peak, the Targa Newfoundland and various other events. Check out some pictures on the following page and follow the link for all of the build details…
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Classic 1980’s Holbert Racing Catalog

April 9, 2015 in American / Featured / German / Race Car / Shop / Tuner

The late Al Holert, former head of Porsche Motorsports North America, used to sell 924 and 944 aftermarket performance components out of his catalog and shop Holbert Racing in Pennsylvania back in the 1980’s. Anybody familiar with motorsports back then, and who is old enough, will immediately recognize the name as associated with everything from D Production 924 racing all the way up to 962’s, having won Le Mans and several IMSA titles along the way. The following are the pages from one of those catalogs, a welcome trip down memory lane.
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Flash in the Pan: The 1960 and 1961 Porsche 356B Abarth GT/L…by Wallace Wyss

April 5, 2015 in German / guest contributor / History / Italian / Race Car / Reader Submission / Tuner / Wallace Wyss

152Porsche is a proud firm. Considering they started out building cars in an abandoned sawmill in Gmund, Austria, they have become a major force in the sports car world, winning LeMans several times. Usually the Porsches are all-German, designed there, engineered there, built there. But in the Sixties there came that rare moment of indecision. There was this damn Austrian, Carlo Abarth, operating in Italy, making lightweight cars that were very fast despite the fact they often had unreliable Fiat drivetrains. Ferry Porsche, the son of Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of the firm, knew Abarth well because in 1946 the Porsche family had participated in the creation of an Italian car called the Cisitalia. Porsche thought, well, what the hell, let’s give Abarth the assignment to get some lighweight Porsches built and see if they are any better than the race cars we are building in Zuffenhausen. So they did…

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The Davide Cironi Drive Experience Video- Autobianchi A112 Abarth

March 30, 2015 in Italian / Tuner / Video

These Davide Cironi Drive Experience videos are a new found favorite, right up there with what Petrolicious.com puts out on a weekly basis. In fact they are so good that I’m considering taking up Italian just so I can translate the others that don’t have English subtitles. Without further ado, enjoy today’s short film featuring an Autobianchi A112 Abarth with a whopping 70 hp, a lightweight hot hatch that looks like a blast to drive!

VIDEO: Nissan Patrol with Skyline Engine Swap

February 7, 2015 in Engine Swap / Japanese / Tuner / Video

What do you get when you take a Nissan Patrol Short Wheel Base and fit it with a Skyline (R33) engine? Well, we are not quite sure, but it appears to be Bijou Motorsports interpretation of what NISMO would have built, had they had the inclination. Stock, the RB25DET engine has 245 hp and 235 lb-ft of torque, but judging from all the noise coming from the turbo and pop off valve, it has likely been modified for quite a bit more. Hopefully it has been beefed up with suspension and brake upgrades to handle any possible increase in power over the original. Can anyone say “remote reservoir shocks” and “roll cage”, please?…